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Stainless steel wedding bands/sets?

Has anyone ever used stainless steel wedding bands/sets instead of more 'traditional' metals?

I'm HARD on my hands, being disabled. It's nothing for me to have chipped/cracked/rough nails, cuts, scratches, etc. (Right now, I have 5 marks on my right hand, 1 mark and 2 sore nails on the left hand) I would HATE for my ering to get broken or bent because of my hands.

FH says he's totally willing to trade in my current ering (a marquise solitaire in 10K white gold) for a setting in stainless steel, but he doesn't want to go and have us do this if the stainless steel doesn't hold up like the 10k gold is.


Jul. 15th, 2014

Name and/or LJ userID: veiled_static
Wedding Date: April 2015
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
Age: 26
City/State/Country you live in: Rural IL
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Prague
Your song/First Dance song: ?
Wedding Colors: ?
Formality: ?
Theme (if you have one): ?
Number of guests: 25-30
How'd you meet your fiance?: at school
How long have you been together?: 6 years
Do you have a personal wedding website?: nope
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? yep :)
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I have never dreamed about my wedding, so now that it's coming up I have no idea what I want! This includes the dress.

On one side, I love how the tighter fitting dresses look (va-va voom!) but they are uncomfortable to move around in and dancing would not be easy. The A-line/ball gown made of english net is so light and comfortable and romantic - but I can't help but think it doesn't look as good. My family is completely unhelpful so I am asking here for opinions. Or am I just over-thinking something that should be straight forward, haha.

Which type of gown to buy?Collapse )

This looks like a great community and I look forward to being a part of it!


Save the Dates

We're falling a bit behind in terms of wedding planning and it's looking like sending out Save-the-Dates isn't really going to work. I'm not really upset about it, they were always kind of an optional thing to me anyway, but my fiance thinks it might matter. I'm also in favor of not wasting money on something I don't care much about AND not having to rush to do something that doesn't matter to me at the expense of time to work on things that do matter.

I think the best option is to actually pick up a phone and talk to people. All our friends are aware of the date anyway, but we could check in with those we don't talk to as often to remind them. Our parents can help with similarly reminding family we're not in touch with as often. I think as long as our wedding website is done so there's a place to point people to for more information, the phone call is just as good as a card in the mail.


Well that was awkward

Hello all! I don't post very often here, but after attending a recent wedding, I had to at least put my thoughts down.

The wedding was beautiful, the food was top notch, and I had a really great time... except during the social hour. My husband was Best Man and he was off getting his picture taken with the rest of the bridal party during that time. No biggie! I am, after all, an adult who fully understands the wedding-day agenda. So I get to the reception hall and I get in line for hors d'oeuvres. I chatted with some people around me about the ceremony and the weather and everything was fine. Until I went to find my seat. Seats were assigned, and I went to the table with the name cards but could not find my name. I scanned it about half a dozen times before I realized that no, my name would not magically appear if I tried to find it hard enough. So I started walking around. There were some people still milling around, but nearly the entire hall had found their seats when I realized that the head table had one more plate than was in the party. I casually walked over and lo and behold my name card was there. Since I didn't know anyone at the wedding except the bride and groom, I'm nearly 100% positive that she seated me there to be by my husband at dinner. But this created a really awkward effect: If I had sat at the head table before the bridal party arrived, I would have stuck out like a sore thumb. So I couldn't sit down without feeling EXTREMELY self-conscious and therefore anxious (things that I struggle with continuously and go to therapy for; I mean, just thinking about sitting by myself at the table gave me anxiety). I also was the only person in the hall who never sat down once during the social hour. I chatted with people in line just fine, but I think a lot of that was because we were forced to be near each other. As soon as they had what they went up for, they went back to their table. Since the seating was assigned, I couldn't sit in someone else's seat to try to make small talk either. I was in limbo for an hour and a half and it kinda sucked. =/

I don't think there is ever going to be a perfect solution to seating the bridal party's significant others, and I really do think the bride was trying to be thoughtful of me, but damn it was a rough reception.

Vendor warning!

I haven't posted here since I got married, but I remember how useful this community was for vendor recommendations, so I wanted to post my sister's horror story in case any other brides-to-be were considering this vendor.

She purchased bridesmaid dresses from RenzRags on etsy ( They arrived three months before the wedding. Five needed minor alterations; one was the COMPLETELY wrong dress. They offered to remake the dress, so she sent back the wrong one. One month before her wedding, she started consistently checking in with them, and each time they brushed her off and told her they were working on it. We began to worry and started searching for back-up dresses. My sister left a bad review on their etsy shop. They asked if she would take it down, and she said she would if they got the dress to her in time.

TWO DAYS before the wedding, they emailed her and said the dress was finished, but it was too late to ship it. That's it. No other helpful suggestions. Since they were located 3 hours away, my sister asked if they would drive it up. They refused. She asked if they would meet us halfway, but that was also met with refusal. Finally, they said she could come pick it up herself from a husband of one of the shop employees, who would be marginally closer to her. Out of options at that point, my sister had to drive 2.5 hours the MORNING of her wedding rehearsal to pick up that dress, only to find out that it was the WRONG DRESS - the one we had sent back in the first place!

The husband tried to get ahold of the shop for another hour while she waited, but they didn't respond. Since she had to make it back to the rehearsal, she grabbed the wrong dress (because at least it was in the correct color) and drove back 2.5 hours.

They finally got back to her later in the day and said they couldn't find the correct dress anywhere in their shop. How do you finish a dress the day before and then completely lose it? They said they wouldn't charge her for the wrong dress, but that's way too little and way too late. I am furious at how much stress they caused my little sister, who should've been relaxing the day before her wedding, not super stressed out and driving (pointlessly) around for 5 hours. So please, if you don't want to worry about missing bridesmaid dresses, don't order from RenzRags!

selling your dress

When I bought my dress, I always knew that I would sell it. It cost a lot of money, and it's not going to do any good sitting in my closet, so why not?

I've been married for 8 months now, and I've been meaning to post it up for sale...but I I'm not so sure. I've grown attached to it.

The logical part of me is saying just shutup and sell it. I have no intentions of having children at this point, and even if I do, I wouldn't want to pass my dress on to my daughter. I wouldn't have wanted to wear my mother's dress if she hadn't lost it when our house flooded when I was 14 (at which point she regretted not selling it). My mother didn't want to wear her mother's dress. So saving it for a potential future daughter is just not a thing for me.

So my question is, if you sold your dress, do you have any regrets about it?

Also, where is the best place (read: where will I get the most money :P) to sell it?

I Found a Dress

My best friend was up visiting from Texas (I live in NY) and since her boyfriend is planning on proposing soon, we decided it would be fun to try on a few dresses. I was also tipped off that there was a bridal shop closing at the end of the month and having a "Going Out of Business" sale. We decided to check it out. A few hours later I walked out with this...

I Said Yes to the DressCollapse )

The best part, because of some minor flaws, it was only $99. I do want to add some color to it, but for the price I couldn't pass it up.

Alterations Shop Suggestions Welcome!

Long time, no post!

I am the matron of honor in my best friend's wedding in July. I just recently moved to Columbus, OH (like, 7 weeks ago) and I'm having a hard time finding an alterations shop to take in the bust of my dress. (I got it at David's Bridal, and I do NOT trust them to do this, as they couldn't even give me the right sizes to try on!)

I've seen a couple places with reviews online, but not very many, and I'm sure there are more out there. I asked if my hair salon if they had any businesses they reciprocated referrals with but no dice. Any WPers have any personal experience? Thanks!

May. 1st, 2014

Can any of you recommend a good site for me to make my wedding website?  Something simple and easy, please.

Thanks very much!

Edit:  Not required, but bonus points if it's free or one-time payment. :)


Hey! I actually posted a couple of years ago, thinking my guy was going to propose in the near future. Well, it finally happened on New Years' Eve. Now that we've worked out our budget, I'm ready to get down to real planning and thought I should come back here and maybe get some help!

Name and/or LJ userID: Sarah
Wedding Date: June 2015
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
Age: 25
City/State/Country you live in: Ottawa, ON, Canada
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Same
Your song/First Dance song: Undecided
Wedding Colors: Royal blue and very pale rose gold
Formality: Fairly formal
Theme (if you have one): None
Number of guests: 130 max
How'd you meet your fiance?: We were part of a youth parliament together
How long have you been together?: 6 years
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet!
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? Yes to both
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: It's going to be an interesting family blend. Neither side has met each other yet. His father was a United Church minister for many many years, his family all goes to church, and neither of his parents have so much as tasted alcohol. No one in my family goes to church and the last family wedding we were all at together was marked by a hangover brunch (including parents) the next day. My parents are also divorced (dad is remarried, mom is engaged), so my biggest concern is the blending of all the different groups.

Most-Forgotten Things

Hi WPers!

I'm currently about eight months out and trying to finalize my already-insane schedule up until the wedding day. I was hoping you could chime in and give me some things you may have forgotten or things that you think it will be easy to forget, so I can make sure I have them covered.

Thanks in advance! :o)

4 days to go!

The big day is on Saturday. And this week is HECTIC. I've never been the most organised of people, I have no idea why I thought planning a wedding would be a good idea. I'll get through it though!

The nerves have seriously kicked in! I constantly feel like I'm one small disaster away from a panic attack. Or some sort of cardiac episode.

Last week I developed an eye infection. Which is nothing new for me. And it turned into a huge cyst on my eyelid. Which again is nothing new, but they don't go away on their own for me. I have to have them surgically removed. So I'm stressing about make up that will help conceal it. Add that to the rest of the of the stress and ive broken out in excema. On my face. Yaaaaay.

Other than my underskirt being too short (fixed now) and being unable to do anything other than walk in a straight line in my dress (hook being attached tomorrow) my outfit is great! I cant wait for FH to see me in my dress.

I have a blackboard to make (yes make!!) And table decorations to sort out into boxes for each table. Then I need to finalise playlists. Then drop it all off at the venue on Friday. Which might be a bit complicated since there's a wedding on that day too. But thats pretty much it! I've been having nightmares for months that I'll be running round the morning of the day realising I've forgotten to get really important things like rings or a dress.

Wish me luck!
I hope your wedding plans are going smoothly!

Bridal Shower Registry?

Hi WPers!

So my FH and I don’t have a traditional registry – we have one set up at Honeyfund for our honeymoon. However, my bridesmaids are throwing me a shower and I have no idea what to do about that! It’d be super awkward for everyone to just show up with money, but then again I don’t really need a lot of household things. We don’t have a house yet, and our apartment really has everything it needs.

What I really would like is just some things to bring/wear on our honeymoon, etc. I really need some lingerie but that’s weird to me to open in front of a lot of people.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Apr. 11th, 2014

Hey folks!

Aside from my intro post, I've never really made an actual post on here but I have a serious etiquette question.

Two days ago, I resigned from my job...which I wasn't planning on doing until after our wedding. We're about two months away and invitations will be going out in a week or so. My question is...I sent STDs to several coworkers, who are obviously now former coworkers. I didn't leave under pleasant circumstances and truthfully, I don't want any reminders of the job, so do I still need to invite them? I know you're supposed to follow up on STDs with invitations but I'm just wondering if this would be considered an exception.

Thanks in advance!

Engagement Photos!

Hi WPers!

Just a reminder, I'm Jen. Haven't been posting much here, but I'm an avid reader! Here are the couple posts I've made that are most relevant, probably:

Progress Post #1

I'll probably do another progress post 200 days out or so, but not too much has changed! I did get my dress but it's a little small at the moment sooo I'll post a pic whenever it fits (hopefully sometime this summer)!

Josh (FH) and I had our engagement photos done over the weekend. The full album is here, but I thought I'd share a few with you guys here too. :o)

More after the cut! Warning: image heavy.Collapse )

Sorry for the bajillion pics, I just love them so much. Thanks for reading/viewing! :o)

Mar. 24th, 2014

My husband and I got married in September, and one of our guests is getting married in two weeks. He lives about 100 miles away from us, so he traveled to our wedding and spent quite a bit of money on our gifts. He is a lot more well off than we are. After spending the money to travel to his wedding, we won't have very much money to spend on his gift - probably less than half what he spent on us. I'm feeling really uncomfortable about it. I'm starting to feel like we should have declined the invitation and spent the gas money on a better gift, even though I know that being there is more important, and if the roles were reversed, I would have cared way more about his presence than about what kind of gift he got us. Should I be collecting all the pennies from the couch and scraping together everything I can to try to get a better gift, or should I just not worry about it? If he hadn't spent so much on us, I wouldn't be worrying about it at all. I just feel like he set the standard and we need to meet it. :/


Hi girls, I'm getting married in May this year, and I'm fighting against the time to plan my wedding. I've been lucky in finding a location, some friend's house, which helped us a lot in saving money! We have a very tight budget, but nothing that will stop us to create the most magical moment of our lives.
I am very superstitious and for sure I won't be sharing the design of my dress, which I found at, and I hope it is not a scam, I can't believe the price of my dress!! But I'd like to share with my husband-to-be the decoration things I've found today when I went to look for some ideas with a friend. Is it going to bring us bad luck for our marriage if I do so? I really would love his eye and input on some of the decoration.

Wedding Pictures!

After our wedding on November 9, 2013 I did a quick little post with a few guest based photos taken on our wedding day.  Our photographer (who is also my brother) recently posted a bunch of pictures on his website for us to share with the world.  Of course I have about 800 other pictures to go through before I figure out what I want to share, but this link will take you to the photos of our amazing wedding day!

Recap:  Whistler Canada wedding.  94 guests.  Goal was to create a warm and cozy kind of feel to our wedding day, and we were successful.  Our ceremony was right in front of a huge roaring fireplace (our celebrant had to ask us to move forward as her "buns were burning".  Our ceremony space was snug, but it made it so everyone could be closer to us.  It rained.  Yeah....wasn't thrilled with that.  But we made do with big umbrellas.  They ended up making it so we got some great photos!

Anyway, if you are interested, click on the link below!  I promise it won't take up much of your time  :)

Teaser picture (sorry if it is huge!):


Like most brides, I do have some regrets about having a few shots that our photographer didn't get.  But I'm doing my best to focus on all the other really good ones instead!


MOH Woes / Am I Being a Jerk?

Hi WPers! I’m having an issue with one of my Maids of Honor (I have two because I have two best friends and they live on different sides of the country, so the one I’m having the issue with is one I expected to help me with a lot of the in-town stuff, and she agreed) and I was wondering how you all would handle it.

Bridezilla, y/n?Collapse )

Any advice or smacks back to reality would be greatly appreciated. ♥ Thanks in advance.
There've been a couple of weddings where I've not been invited as a +1 to a wedding where my partner was (quite good) friends with one or both of the couple. Mind you, we've been in a relationship since 2009 and engaged since July 2012. I found it really rude that I wasn't invited. Would it now be rude if I said no to inviting a +1 to those friends? It feels a little childish, but sometimes...I just want to immature.

+1 Ettiquite?

Hello everyone. Just a quick recap, Im getting married in October of this year. We have a lot of things already set- our venue, my dress, photographer, food and cupcakes :) But still have a lot to do.. Mainly we havent set our guest list yet. Im having a bit of a dilemma when it comes to adding +1s. There are a few of my friends that are dating people that I cant stand, and others that are single but might not know that many people at the wedding, and others who are in committed relationships with people Ive never met. How are you guys handling these scenarios? Also.. for those of you who are sending out save-the-dates, are you sending them to everyone or just the people that will have to travel for the wedding? Thanks everyone!

Progress Post and Guest Drama

With 82 days until our wedding, we are a little behind, but we are confident we'll get everything done. I still have to find a florist, as I was going back and forth for the longest time on whether or not I wanted flowers, but I couldn't think up a good alternative. I was originally going to get them from our local supermarket, but our cake designer is rather finicky and I don't know how well that would go over with him. For the amount of money we've put into the cake, the last thing I want to do is upset him.

We are still looking for our rehearsal dinner location, which hit a few snags when his mom kept adding people to the guest list. We got emails back from two places that look promising.

After having some issues with our hotel room block, we finally got that all settled.

His ring is in. Mine is still on its way. This is my ring.

We're in the last bit of addressing and assembling the invitations, and that is where I hit some drama.

Drama Under HereCollapse )

Jan. 28th, 2014

Wedding Date: Most likely Fall 2015. We would like it sooner, but it doesn't look like it will be possible.
Bride/Groom/Otherw (please specify): Bride
Age: 29, will be 31 by then
City/State/Country you live in: Upstate NY
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Same
Your song/First Dance song:Not sure yet
Wedding Colors:I know I want a dark red, not sure what else
Theme (if you have one):Woodsy
Number of guests: We want it under 100, but most likely 120
How'd you meet your fiance?: He worked at a bar next door to my parents house, I had too much to drink and kissed him
How long have you been together?: Almost 6 years
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? Yes
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I'm probably going to have a lot of questions and will take any suggestions, especially about cutting costs.

Jan. 8th, 2014

Hi everyone! I was in this community a million (8) years ago when I was engaged and now I come to you as a bridesmaid.

Our darling bride wants us in pink knee length chiffon. This won't look good on 99% of the world, but oh well, whatever she wants.

However, the favorite dresses are these two from J. Crew but they're pricy. Anyone here looking at the same dresses and found something cheaper?

Thank you!

Jan. 3rd, 2014

Hi everyone! My fiance just proposed to me on Christmas eve. My ring was too small and is currently being resized, which makes me a little sad, but I'll have to post a picture when I get it back. Anyway, I'm already neck-deep in planning, so I'm really looking forward to getting advice and input here!

Name and/or LJ userID: Amber
Wedding Date: 09/28/14 (probably...will know for sure next week)
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): bride
Age: 27
City/State/Country you live in: Nashville, TN
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Nashville
Your song/First Dance song: I think we're actually not going to have dancing. I'm looking into alternative entertainment ideas. I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of all those people staring at me while I attempt to dance, and I just decided I really don't want to do anything I'm uncomfortable with on my wedding day. Plus, I know my dad would be just as, if not more so, uncomfortable as me for the father/daughter dance, and my fiance's mother is deceased. It'll probably be a Sunday afternoon anyway, so no crazy rager needed :)
Wedding Colors: Undecided, but I'm leaning toward blues and greens with a little yellow. My plan is to do as little decorating as humanly possible, so I'm choosing a venue that won't require much.
Formality: casual-ish. My family would still get dressed up even if I requested casual dress, and I'm going to have a long lacy number on. The reception itself will not be formal in any way though. We're not formal people.
Theme (if you have one): Vintage, but laid-back Southern style. I love lace and I have a lot of cute DIY ideas that look vintage (thank you, Pinterest). We're also having the wedding at a historical house.
Number of guests: Probably less than 100. We have a small group of friends and co-workers we're inviting. I have a large family, but I know a lot of them won't be able to come. My fiance's family is all out-of-state so only a few of them will make it.
How'd you meet your fiance?: Heh. Myspace. Back when that was thing. We chatted online and talked on the phone for several months and then decided to go ahead and meet. Instant sparkage.
How long have you been together?: Almost 6 years. We met in April.
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet, I'm waiting until I have the venue booked and the date is official.
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? yup!
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: We've been discussing marriage for about 4-5 years now, so this has been a long time coming. I'm excited to officially be engaged and start this planning process! Also, browsing through some of the posts here, it's nice to see lots of other people who dated for a long time before getting engaged. It's very unusual around here where I live, and it seems like it's a rarity on other online forums I've visited. I feel like a lot of people I know (even some family members) judge my relationship for it, which is frustrating.

Pictures of the venue I'm hoping to get!Collapse )

Gwen & Pasha's wedding - September 21, 2013

It turns out when you get married 3 weeks into your last year in graduate school, it takes you a while to get your stuff together to make an update post! But finally, almost two months later, we have pictures.

Gratuitious Wedding PhotodumpCollapse )

We had a great day! The photography was provided for the price of a plane ticket by my good friend Cat, of Photography by Cat who came to Minnesota from the bay area. I highly recommend her! She is tons of fun! The staff at the Afton House was great, and of course the coordinator at Bethlehem Lutheran in Bayport was amazing! So that was my wedding day!



**EDIT** argh, i cannot get the cut to work on this.  I'm cut challenged apparently.  I'm doing it in visual editor.  Any advice on what I am doing wrong?**

SO, my wedding was this past weekend and it was amazeballs!  It seriously went better than I could have ever hoped for.  Everything ran smoothly, there were no hiccups (that I knew about) and I got to marry my best friend...oh and have a big party as well!  It rained on our day, which is hugely ironic considering we had picked Whistler (in Canada) as a venue because in the fall it doesn't rain much there....but the weather in our hometown on that day was beautiful.  Go figure.  But it didn't dampen spirits at all.  We just bought some big umbrellas and went stomping around in the rain and snow for our pictures.  The ceremony was a blur, the reception even more of a blur because it all went by so fast.  I tried to do my best to take it all in and remember the little things, but when you have so many people to talk to it becomes kind of hard to do that.  I'll have to rely on pictures to help me out.  My biggest piece of advice, if you can afford it, is to have a "day of coordinator".  Someone who will take care of all the decor set up, the vendors, the guests, any situations that come up, and it can leave you time to just relax and enjoy getting prettied up and in your dress.

We had an amazing long weekend with late nights and early starts, and part of me wishes I had taken this week off work to recover and catch up on sleep...but I've got the honeymoon in January that I can relax on!

We have only received one teaser picture from our photographer of our "first look" at one another.  The rest of the pictures I'm sharing are ones our guests took throughout the evening.

Read more...Collapse )

Bridesmaids rant. Feel free to scroll.

Between me and my fiance our wedding plans are going pretty great. But my bridesmaids are being really shitty.
I have 4 bridesmaids. My best friend from uni who is my MOH (B), then another friend from uni (J), my best friend from HS (K) and my sister (C).

B and K have been really supportive. K got married herself in August and was helping me with my own wedding plans when she was 2 weeks away from her own wedding. B quite happily drives me around to places I need to be.. helps me makes invitations, came with me to find my dress, made the BM bouquets with me.

But C and J have been no where to be seen. J has yet to come try on her bridesmaid dress, which I bought 3 months ago. Which to be fair won't fit her now anyway because she's just told me she's 6 weeks pregnant (my wedding is in April). C is just non-existent in my wedding plans, unless it's something I take to her house for her or her 2 daughters to try on.

I'm having to plan my own hen party. And pay for it. And everyone else until they give me the money.
And now J and C aren't coming. I understand J not coming because we going partying, but C is just saying she doesn't have a babysitter. My hen party is in February, and SHE LIVES WITH HER DAUGHTER'S FATHER. It feels like she's just making an excuse. It really hurts that my own sister won't come to my hen party.

I'm trying really hard not to turn into a bridezilla. I know they all have lives outside of my wedding. They have jobs and partners and kids and pregnant bellies. But I kinda feel like they just want to walk down the aisle in a pretty dress and have me spend loads of money on them and just not help me at all.

I'm kinda going through a lot right now. I have various niggling health issues, my dad died less than a year ago and they all know I'm finding it really hard to plan my wedding without him, and 2 of them (including my sister) know I'm currently going through therapy to try to deal with mood disorder that keeps rearing its ugly head.

It just gets me that I chose these 4 because they're 4 of the 5 adults (the 5th being my fiance lol) I love the most in the world, that I'm closest too and they just either don't realise that by me asking them to come with to various wedding planning appointments with me that I want them to be a part of the planning, or they just don't care.

Progress Post: 6 months and 4 days to go

Intro post here.

Previous progress post here.

I feel like I wasn't progressing at all and it feels like within the last month, we got a ton of stuff done.

More Under HereCollapse )


Wedding Plans

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