Maggi (maggiflags) wrote in weddingplans,

Postage - square envelopes

Quick question -- especially if you're using square envelopes:
Our invitations are in 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 envelopes. I took one to the post office today to check how much it would be and they said 56 cents (36 cents plus 13 for the size or something) and that I would have to use one 39 cent stamp, one 10 cent stamp, and one 3 cent stamp. eeek! 3 yucky stamps! I was hoping for one... maybe two at the most... but 3 will not look pretty.
But other than how it looks, does that sound right to other brides (and grooms) using same or similar size envelopes? The post office messed up my Save the Dates postcard postage and two thirds of them were not delivered cause the postage was wrong (and didn't coma back cause being postcards they didn't have a return address) -- so I just want to make sure.
Hopefully I'll get them out by tomorrow (before rates change!).
Tags: invitations: envelopes, stamps
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