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Truth or Dare at the reception

No, I'm not 12 and yes, I love to play tricks.  So, to lighten up or break the ice at our reception, we are going to have the guests play Truth or Dare, if they choose to CLANK THEIR GLASSES TO SEE US KISS, ugh.  Clanking of glasses is not common where I'm from but where I live now, it consumes every reception I've ever been at.  If no one clanks their glasses at our wedding *in 11 days* then this won't matter, but if they do......

clanky clanky..Collapse )
In addition to possibly doing this, we also have a slideshow for cocktail hour and a live band after dinner.  I'm hoping there won't be any shortage of fun on October 18th. 

EDIT: So maybe I'll change the name to TRIVIA or CHALLENGE.  Didn't mean to offend so many people and I'll take out the 'pinch the butt' one.  As you read through all the other ones, it is very very innocent and fun questions and challenges (singing a band aid song?) 
And yes, the 'rules' persay are going to be announced during the point the FH asks everyone to sign our guestbook and a few other things he wants to say.  I did forget to mention that, this will NOT be a surprise, they will know what's coming if they 'clink', and like I said above, if no one clinks, no worries. This also won't last ALL night long, just possibly during the dinner.  So, ignore the name Truth or Dare, I guess I found this funny and possibly VERY entertaining for those who want to participate or those who want to watch.


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Oct. 8th, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
I went to a wedding that did something like this, but less obnoxiously. Basically, there were trivia and challenges on little pieces of paper inside balloons -- people would pop the balloons and choose whether or not to do them, if they didn`t want to, it was passed around for someone else, etc. If they chose to do it, they would announce it by clinking their glasses and then do the task and Mike and Wade would kiss. It was fun and not so embarrassing. The tasks and trivia were also more sentimental than the ones you suggest, like favorite memories and not about how well you know them.
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