moodly (moodly) wrote in weddingplans,

Pennsylvania Brides: Self-Uniting Marriages

I am in search for anyone who was married or plans to marry in Pennsylvania with a "self-uniting marriage license". My understanding is that this option allows two people to essentially act as officiants of their own wedding, with vows and witnesses making the marriage official. This is based on the Quaker faith, although a recent lawsuit ruled in favor of a couple who sought the option for a non-religious ceremony (and were not Quakers themselves). The case was argued for by the ACLU.

Can anyone tell me more about this? I'm interested in knowing what hassles people encounter when attempting this option. Also, would it be possible for a bride and groom to self-unite but still have a friend/family member act as sort of an emcee for the ceremony?

Any information is appreciated!

Tags: ceremony, officiant, pennsylvania
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