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186 Day Progress!! Wedding Pr0n.

UhoHs! I missed the 200 day one but it's finals week so I've been studying for the past month up until then!
Warning- A lot of pictures, SRSLY!

We're getting married on June 12th so ONWARD

Our colors are Aqua, Yellow with red accents- little background info

Here's US! YAY (old picture, us from his senior prom. hah)

we have literally NO pictures of us together, we're geting engagement shots done this sunday, so that's good i guess.

Here's my ring!


We have around 15 acres to play with, our plans currentl are to get married under a tree way far back across the field. Then we're going to do an outdoor cocktail hour while the fiance and I take our QUICK pictures and then either an outdoor reception in the grass under the stars or a fun tented reception.

We're also planning on doing an after dinner thing in the barn. I"m going to buy a cheap pool table and put it in the barn. I also plan on having the bar in the barn and the DJ will be in the barn and the deck to the barn will be the dance floor.

Cocktail hour Ideas

I plan on having a Sangria, Mojito, Strawberry Lemonade, regular Lemonade, and Iced Tea (probably one more alcoholic drink)

Reception Ideas/decorations


The Farm we're renting for the reception has a HUGE fire pit built off to the side so I've decided to end the night with a fire and smores=)

Centerpiece Idea

I'm thinkin those yellow bouqets for the bridesmaids

Cake Inspiration

we're going to have cupcakes also.. a tiered display frosted in our colors with a few of the same flowers on the cake on each cupcake

My bouquet idea

BM dresses

Groomsmen Attire

Grooms Attire

My Dress!!!

Hair and Makeup ideas/inspiration

and our fabulous photographer!

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Wedding Plans

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