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artificial calla lilies

We're doing silk flowers, and Hobby Lobby has 50% off all their floral stems this week. Between my mom, sister and I, we've bought out all the "Fresh Picked" brand purple and white calla lilies (our colors are purple and orange) at 3 different stores, and I'm stopping by a 4th one Saturday. Unfortunately, their orange is very light (here it is) and we're going for a brighter orange (my junior bridesmaid's dress is Davids Bridal's tangerine). We did see some bright orange callas at Hobby Lobby, but they were different brands and more the plastic-y, shiny, latex texture (which until Monday, were the only kind of artificial calla lilies I'd ever seen), while the ones we picked are fabric-y like most artificial flowers seem to be. Does that make any sense?

So now I'm on the search for not so shiny, fabric-y orange calla lilies. Has anyone purchased any of the real touch calla lilies from www.save-on-crafts.com and could tell me what their texture is like? In some pictures, they look like the ones we bought, and in some pictures they look like the latex ones. I'm looking specifically at the Real Touch Calla Lily bouquet in Orange, but I'm guessing all of their real touch callas are the same material, regardless of color. Or, does anyone have any links to calla lilies similar to the ones at Hobby Lobby? Or (I think this is my last question!) if we can't find orange callas in the same texture, would it look okay to have the plastic-y ones mixed in with the fabric-y ones?



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