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Does bride or groom go first with vows? And what did you say when you exchanged rings?

Hi :) Just over 2 weeks to go and I am freaking out! Anyway, 3 questions for you today:

1. Who normally says their vows first, the bride or the groom?

2. Is this a good order: 
                      - Stating that yes, we are free to marry each other
                      - Repeating 'I (name) take you (name) to be my wedded husband/wife' (OK legal bit over now)
                      - Saying our own vows
                      - Exchanging rings, maybe repeating some exchange of rings stuff from celebrant
                      - I now pronounce you...

3. What did you and/or your celebrant say with the exchange of rings?

Thankyou in advance!

Tags: ceremony, ceremony: vows, etiquette
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