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Bridal Shower Invitations

Hello Wedding Planners ♥

I have a couple of questions regarding my Bridal Shower invitations. I'd love some help!

First off, I should say that my Dad and Step-Mom are paying for quite a large chunk of my wedding. However, my Mom and Step-Dad have also been really generous and helpful as well, and my Mom actually bought my wedding dress for me as a wedding gift. So both sets of parents have been completely amazing, though it's my Dad who is paying for the majority of the expenses. (My fiancee and I have thrown in our share as well though!)

Anyway, my Mom has offered to throw my Bridal Shower because I am not having a Maid Of Honor, only bridesmaids. And also I am getting married in Kansas City (hometown) but I now live LA, so I have a couple of bridesmaids on the West Coast and 3 bridesmaids back in KC. So it was a bit scattered as to who would really be organizing my shower, and my Mom stepped in and said she would like to do it since my Dad has done so much for the wedding day.

We are about to send out the Bridal Shower invites but I want to be careful on the wording...

There is a space that says "HOSTED BY:_________ " on the invite.
I'm worried that if we write "Bride's Mother" it could be a little hurtful to my Step-Mom?

I want to be conscious of her feelings... and also as I said above she and my Dad are paying for so much of the wedding, I especially don't want her to feel slighted...

Any advice on what we might say in that blank that could be a bit nicer?

"Mother and bridesmaids"?
"Bride's Mother and Family"?

Honestly this whole Mom/Step-Mom thing has been the most difficult part of the wedding planning so far.

Any help would be appreciated!

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