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My Post-Wedding Post on Our Elopement

Hi guys!
I'm finally back with my wedding pictures! On July 10th, 2012, Sean and I got married at the Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas. We chose the Victorian Chapel, and it was beautiful. The chapel provided us with everything we needed, such as a wedding planner, coordinator, minister, limo driver, two wedding photographers, videographer and editor, and a photography consultant. Here is the financial breakdown:

Traditional ceremony package: $395 because we did it on a weekday. It came with a minister, limo driver, DVD, wedding planner, bouquet, bouttoniere, a wedding planner and coordinator, and photography of the ceremony, of which we could choose any 14 pictures we liked.

Sweet Pea photography package: $99, and it came with two photographers, and we could choose any 10 of the posed pictures.

Cake: We also bought a small cake (8-10 servings) from the chapel for $40; it was so delicious!

Dress: I got mine on sale for only $126 after tax at David's Bridal.

Shoes: Also bought on sale at David's Bridal; I think they cost only $35.

Hair accessory: $12 at Forever 21.

We ended up purchasing 7 more pictures at $10 each, but they have the option where you can buy all of the pictures ever taken of you, along with the copyrights, for one price as well.

Our honeymoon was also in Las Vegas, and we spent 3 nights at the Treasure Island hotel, ate delicious food, went shopping, saw "The Phantom of the Opera" from the nearly front row, and that came out to about another $600-$700.

So everything came out to just under $1,500 or around there. The math is probably wrong, but you get the general idea. Lol.

Okay, on to the pictures! Most of these are scans of the physical photographs, so a lot of the details (such as ones from my dress and accessories) are missing, but at least you can still see our faces. Lol.

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