a new reflection of a woman complete (newreflections) wrote in weddingplans,

+1 Ettiquite?

Hello everyone. Just a quick recap, Im getting married in October of this year. We have a lot of things already set- our venue, my dress, photographer, food and cupcakes :) But still have a lot to do.. Mainly we havent set our guest list yet. Im having a bit of a dilemma when it comes to adding +1s. There are a few of my friends that are dating people that I cant stand, and others that are single but might not know that many people at the wedding, and others who are in committed relationships with people Ive never met. How are you guys handling these scenarios? Also.. for those of you who are sending out save-the-dates, are you sending them to everyone or just the people that will have to travel for the wedding? Thanks everyone!
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