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Save the Date Addressing

I'm going over to one of my BM's houses tonight to set up a mini-sweatshop to get all the Save the Date cards done.  They are already printed on heavy cardstock, we just need to clip the edges (I bought a cool clipper that edges them very nicely), put them in the envelope, seal, stamp and then address! My question formal does the addressing have to be?  It was my impression that the STD was a less formal version of an invite and therefore the address could be less formal too.  I have some families to invite that consist of up to 6 people (parents and kids), I had planned on just addressing it to "The Lastname's", but my Mum seems to think it should be " Mr. Firstname & Mrs. Firstname Lastname, Miss First Last, Master First Last" etc for all the kids.  I think this sounds absolutly pompus! We aren't having a very formal wedding to begin with (beach wedding and country club reception) and I think this would give the wrong impression.  Also, for people that I plan to invite + Guest, should I include + Guest on the STD or just the Invite?

One more thing...The Country Club can only hold 140 people, but our current list is at around 175-180.  Is it reasonable to think 40 people won't come, or should we cut the list before we send out these STD's? My Mum seems insistant on leaving it as is, even though there are about 30 people on the list whom I have never even met!

ETA: Thanks for all the advice! You are all such a help! I'm off to set up shop now! :)

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