kristen (sexxie_dork) wrote in weddingplans,

Brooches and Purses, Oh My!

Okay ladies (and gent), I have two things I need help with.

1) Are any of you wearing something other than a veil on the Big Day? I'm not wearing a veil (they just don't look right on me), but I want to have something sparkly in my hair, just not sure what. Pictures would be most helpful if you have them. I'm not sure if a flower or hair brooch would work, or maybe a headband?

2) I'd like to have a small, clutch purse on hand for necessities during the reception, so I don't have to go back and forth between our room and the "bridal suite." Any ideas? I've tried google, but for once in my life, my google-fu has failed me.

Thanks in advance!

Ps - I just looked outside and FI is out there shoveling out my car (Awww...). The guys that are supposed to plow our condo complex aren't doing their job too well. We got 13 inches of snow on Thursday and they waited until the last minute to plow, so even though they eventually did, the snow had already stuck to the ground, which equals no traction. And we just got hit with another 3 or 4 inches this morning, followed by sleet, so it's lovely outside right now. We need to move to North Carolina where there isn't nearly as much snow =]
Tags: accessories: veils/headpieces
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