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a confession

I have a terrible urge.......

It's awful, really. You have to tell me how awful it is so I stop obsessing over it!

My wedding was September 8, 2007 (we just celebrated 6 months as marrieds!) At the time I was planning, there was not a David's Bridal here in Alaska and the choices for plus-sized wedding dress shopping were dismal.

(I am the girl who visited a friend in San Jose and went to a David's Bridal to make an appointment but the lady was SO rude to us we turned around and walked out. So I went to another place tried on exactly ONE wedding dress in a style similar to the one I ended up ordering online, sight unseen and never tried on.)

So there is finally a David's Bridal here in town. I posted a rant about it in this community a couple months ago.

Well, I've lost another 30lbs since my wedding (had lost 40lbs before the wedding) and I would really like to try on wedding gowns because I never had the chance to do it.

Would it be *really* terrible of me to pretend I am not married yet and go try on wedding gowns at David's?



Mar. 13th, 2008 11:51 pm (UTC)
After being completely treated like crap by DB as a bridesmaid and then watching my friend get scammed in a really disgusting and shameful way by them I have to admit that my "wasting their time" sympathy is practically non-existent. It sounds like you may not be terribly fond of them either.

However, I have a bit of a thought for lessening of guilt. Go in on an off peak time and try stuff on. If you get treated like crap then you will have just wasted the time of someone who makes a living off of treating brides like crap. If you have a good (or even fairly decent) experience make it a point to spread the word about that salesperson to other people (ie, in this community) who might actually buy, that way you will be bringing her business.

Just my 2 cents....Have fun!


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