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feels like

How much typically did you guys have to pay in shipping for your veils? Granted I am in Canada, but I was looking at ordering my veil off of http://www.veilshop.com and the veil I liked was only $39, but the shipping is 30! Ouch, is this typical? I am almost wondering if it would be cheaper to get it sent to a friend in the states, and have them send it to me? Or that may work out the same you think? I found their prices pretty reasonable (considering the one I wanted where I got my dress was $160.) I guess $70 still isn't bad. But I am wanting something VERY basic. Like this: http://www.veilshop.com/Bridal-Veil-11004_p_13780-319.html Is there any Canadian companies anyone has used? Or, somewhere where shipping will be a bit less? ...doesn't hurt to ask.

Also, met with our potential florist today. I decided on flowers I really didn't see myself going with. I originally wanted just Gerbera Daisies. But for my bouquet we actually decided on a gorgeous mix of Mini Gerbs, Carnations, Mini Carnations, Roses and Spray Roses with some Lilly Grass. And seriously, ridiculously gorgeous. I told her I wanted 75% reds (more Burgandy) and 25% white, but I think I may change my mind to all red. Either way, that went awesome.

Odd fact, too book her, she doesn't require a deposit?!?!?! This just doesn't happen in the wedding world!
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