Aleina (crashfancy) wrote in weddingplans,

wedding video!

I got married awhile ago (11/11/07) but we JUST got our wedding video! We were at the end of all the summer weddings, so it took a little while, but the wait was SO worth it.


The main reason I want to share it though, is to stress how HAPPY I am that we invested in video. It is, hands down, the best money we spent. The pictures are a close second, but this definitely takes the cake. Our videographer was absolutely amazing in every way (so fun to be around) and it's so wonderful to be able to share our wedding with everyone, including those who couldn't make it. Plus there are so many moments that I couldn't imagine NOT having captured...My brother almost died and was hospitalized for 5 days after a severe asthma attack the week of my wedding. He was released THAT MORNING, and the moment he stepped off the elevator was one of the most emotional moments of the entire day. I've watched the video more than 5 times now, and cry every time.

This is the "movie" version, but we also have footage of our whole ceremony, the toasts, the cake cutting, the nerdiest first dance EVER, and random other priceless dance footage.

If you're even considering a videographer, let me tell is SO worth it. If you're in Oregon, this is a big recommendation for Ryan. You won't be sorry!
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