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I've posted once before asking about buying vs. renting linens. I decided to rent because the caterer offers all of their linens for really cheap (chair covers plus sash for $1.25 each!), so that worked out well. Now I have a question about my wedding dress. I bought it in April and it came in about two weeks later. My wedding is not until December 28 so for now it's just hanging in a closet at my grandma's. I don't plan on altering obviously until much closer to the date which is not for another 6/7 months.

My grandma was concerned with any aging that might happen in the mean time, think yellow stains that magically appear over time. It's from Davids Bridal so it is in the plastic bag tied at the bottom and inside the garment bag. Should I be concerned? If you have had your dress months before your wedding did any discoloration occur? I hadn't thought about this until my grandma brought it up but I figured I should look into it just in case.

Well there are 242 days until the wedding so I don't have much planned out but I've got plenty of ideas. I have everything booked and arranged so now it's just details I've got to worry about. Now some pictures -

I'm getting married on South Padre Island, TX, I didn't want to be on the beach or on the bay because of the weather, it will be cold and I just didn't want to bother or worry about that so we have decided to go with this chapel -

Because everyone will be traveling for the wedding I blocked rooms at a best western which is where the reception will be held also. I really wanted to make things as convenient as possible since it's going to be an out of town wedding (about an hour away for most).

I don't have many wide shot views of the reception room but here is what i've got -

Horrible picture but you get the idea.

Here is a picture of my dress -

I don't know if I'm going to do a sash or not yet, it's obviously not tied very well but I love the dress. It has a really long train also. My favorite part is how it sparkles, it catches every light and reflects very nicely.

Because I'm simple and care much more about my feet being comfortable I bought these shoes - http://www.dessy.com/accessories/duchess-bridesmaid-ballet-flat/?color=white&colorid=122

As for the BM dresses I put together the ones I like best -

definitely the first 3, my maid of honor will probably wear something a bit different than those but within that style.

For my center pieces I am going for something similar to this -

but without the flowers, it is december afterall.

During one of the freezes this past winter one of my grandfather's trees died so I saw him cutting it up and decided thats what I will use for the center pieces, it's going to be a lot of work but I'm saving so much money!

For the guest favors we're going to make candles, I am considering using mason jars, at walmart there are packs of 12 for $7 versus glass votives $1 each at hobby lobby.

Also to go along with the candle's I'm going to follow this matchbook tutorial

Any idea where to buy matchbooks like this? I checked walmart but had no luck, any suggestions?

My maid of honor is a really good baker, so as our wedding gift she is going to make us cupcakes for the reception. We are going to have a small traditional cake also but for the most part there will be cupcakes.

At each place setting I am going to have a cupcake in a box similar to this -

and then also at the cake table we are going to have a wide variety of mini cupcakes and regular cupcakes in many flavors. This is going to be hard to pull off but I think we'll be able to!

I'm only getting flowers for the bouquets and bouts, for my bouquet I'm going to have a traditional 24 red roses and the BMs are going to have 12 white roses and same goes for the guys bouts.

My photographer which I am most excited about is amazing, - http://www.kimberlychauphotography.com/
I finally convinced my fiance that this will be the most expensive part of the wedding by far but it is well worth it for the price and the quality. We are going to get an engagement and bridal session with her in addition to the wedding. Every picture I've seen of hers I absolutely love and am just so excited. So much work is put into planning weddings I think its a shame if quality pictures aren't taken to remember every detail of the months it took to put together!

Well I think that's about it, I'm going to be doing most of the work and crafts during the summer while I've got time before the fall semester starts up. I'm excited to be planning my wedding and all my diy projects. Thanks for reading! (If you made it this far!)
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