April 1st, 2008


Eleven months ago, FH asked me to marry him with a beautiful wooden engagement ring which the two of us designed together, and which was sourced from naturally fallen trees on a sustainably managed rural property. The thing is, though, that I don't think it would look good worn next to another wooden ring, so we've been considering what to do about our wedding bands.

While we both like the idea of tattooed wedding rings - but we don't love it - I've always admired the South Asian tradition of the bride being decorated with elaborate mehndi (henna) designs on her hands and feet for her wedding day, and it got me thinking: maybe we could adapt this idea for the ceremony. So instead of exchanging metal rings, we'd exchange

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Photobooth love and advice!

We're going with www.partybooths.com for our photo booth, and so far I've been incredibly happy with their customer service! They're based in Minnesota but not charging any travel fees to come to Pennsylvania and they're the cheapest of all the companies I've been looking at.

We're planning on printing our names and the date on the bottom of each picture so they double as favors for our guests. We also planned on paying for the scrapbook option ($395) to print doubles for a photo guest book. When I called to book them and get the total, the gentlemen handling my call told me I could just get a second printer for $100 and provide my own book and accessories.

Sweet deal! I went to the dollar store yesterday and picked up 6 gel pens, 4 glue sticks, and 2 scissors (all in our wedding colors because I'm a big nerd) and paid $6. Now as long as I don't spend $289 on the guest book we've saved a heck of a lot of money.

Just thought I'd pass that tidbit along for anyone else renting a photo booth!

(Also, has anyone else used this company or heard anything about them?)

dress sizes

I'm going to order my dress from bridalgown.net. It's Maggie Sottero's Sonya and I've tried it on at the shop, but in a very large size.

So I'm just wondering what size to order it in - will I care most about the bust size, the waist or the hips? Do I get it smaller in anticipation that I will lose a little weight due to stress (oh, my engagement dress ended up too big because of that!), or bigger knowing I can alter it?
Kay Dance

Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

I'm talking to my MOH online and we were discussing bachelorette party ideas. I hadn't really thought about having one and we're not really fly to Vegas or do a bar tour people... Granted, that's fun, but it's not something I enjoy often... So she came up with an awesome idea.

Go to the zoo!

Seriously, I love it. We're both big animal lovers and I haven't been to the zoo in a while. We figure we could hit the zoo and go to a neat restarurant afterwards (where we could get some girly drinks or something too). She's gonna call the local zoo and see if they have backstage tours or something like that too... So exciting! We just have to see when a good time would be for all the girls. :)

Does anyone have any unique bachelorette party plans? Or ideas? Also any unique bachelor party ideas that don't involve strippers or bars? FH isn't really a fan and I'm sure he would enjoy something unique but fun... Example: go karts! :P


Las Vegas Reception Venue

Have any of you girls (or guys) ever gone to maggiano's in Las Vegas (or another chain in your area)?

It is located in the fashion show mall.

I am thinking about having my reception there, but I have never been to a maggiano's OR fashion show mall.

Any experiences?

Thanks all!
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Name and/or LJ userID: Heather (thompsonality)
Wedding Date: January 2009
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
Age: 34
City/State/Country you live in: St. Paul, MN
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Stillwater, MN
Your song/First Dance song: Not sure
Wedding Colors: Black and Ivory
Formality: Small/Informal
Theme (if you have one): none
Number of guests: 100 or just under
How'd you meet your fiance?: internet
How long have you been together?: just over 1.5 years
Do you have a personal wedding website?: no
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey? yes
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: have lurked for a while but now I got the rock....ha ha ha

I really want a small simple wedding.. no tasks to hand out to family or invitations to make I just want everyone to show up and have fun...
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dress appropriate?

Hello Everyone!

Okay... So this is my first post to this community. I am newly engaged and excited about planning but keeping it simple at the same time.

I do already have a question... or seeking feedback is maybe better.... I have purchased a dress that i saw and totally loved(i know it's early but its from a retail and figured it would be gone if i waited)... i am planning to have a very small simple wedding... i am also a plus sized woman and a little older (34)... below is a pic of the dress (the skirt is about ankle length)... is it bridal like enough, or too informal?

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After spending like 5 hours looking for shoes for my FH for our wedding this summer,we finally found them! Yesterday we went to downtown Toronto's Eaton Centre. After at least 10 stores looking at me like I'm crazy asking for a size 14, I went into Rockport. The ladies there were SUPER helpful. The said they had very few 14's in but said I would probably be a little more lucky looking around for a 13W my FH was still on the subway so I told her we'd be back. I went to a few more stores, and found NOTHING. The best thing people had in his size was a very casual dress, We grabbed a bite to eat went back and he fell in love with the pair that the lady suggested for him. She didn't coax us to buy at the store heck, she's the one that suggested discount stores or even the internet to look for his size. She provided us with the style name and number (Rockport Men's Farren Wing-tip Oxford...number is somewhere) So, when we got home, we put on our google guru hats, and alas we found them... and instead of the $150.00 in store we found them for $76.97! Free shipping :) (we had to ship them to my aunt stateside) Now to find my DRESS!

For those possibly interested: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000NBIOX6
I love you wait no I don't I'm drunk


Argh I feel like I've gotten so much of my wedding figured out but I just don't know where to have it. Ideally I want to have it on the beach but I am having trouble finding a reasonably priced place that can accomidate 100-150 guests. Argh anyway any sugestions on where on the Oregon Coast to have a wedding and reception?

Wooden and gold rings

All jokes aside, I do actually wear a wooden engagement ring, and I love it, but FH and I have been wondering about what to do about wedding rings, because although I don't think they necessarily have to match, it's looking like I'm going to exchange my wooden engagement ring for a simple gold band that I inherited from my great aunt and wear that as my permanent wedding ring. The wooden ring is a little more fragile, so after we're married I might wear that in place of the gold band sometimes, but only occasionally.

This is my engagement ring, from Touch Wood Rings:

The oak band in the middle has a knot where the diamond of a traditional gold-and-diamond engagement ring would be. It's surrounded by rosewood and lined with juniper heart wood, and it's inscribed inside with both of our names.

If I do decide to use the gold band as my wedding ring and wear it every day, I think I'll have to get it resized, because it's a little too big. I feel kind of wrong about doing this, though, for some reason: interfering with the ring that my great-aunt wore every day and removing part of it. Does this make sense? And do fingers expand with age or stay the same size?

FH loves everything about the wooden engagement ring we designed together and prefers it to any other kind of ring, but he is a drummer who rehearses four nights a week and I've been gently suggesting that a gold band would be a lot more durable. He likes the hammered look of metal rings - I think he'd look good in a hammered white gold band. If anyone's come across anything like this, please post pics. We have a little bit of time to decide on this, but I'd like to show him a couple of pictures.

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Name and/or LJ userID: Natalie/omgnatalie
Wedding Date: 07/09/08
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): I'm the bride <333
Age: 23 (so is he)
City/State/Country you live in: San Diego area
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Maui! :D
Your song/First Dance song: N/A...
Wedding Colors: I'm wearing ivory and pink, he's wearing black and ivory
Formality: Well the wedding is pretty formal I suppose
Theme (if you have one): We're doing the whole "beach destination wedding" thing
Number of guests: ZERO!
How'd you meet your fiance?: myspace. haha!
How long have you been together?: 3 months total. He asked me to marry him last month. :j
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet, probably not ever. There's only like 3 1/2 months to go
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey?: Yes
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: My fiance and I are going to Maui... just the two of us to have our wedding, then a reception later for all the friends and family. The reception is going to be really informal - snacks, music, minimal decorations.

Now that I've done that, I have a question: I have yet to order my GORGEOUS wedding dress. I've called every store within 100 miles of here, and no one has the dress in store for me to try on (probably because it's too new to be in stores yet). I did try on a very very similar dress and LOVED IT. I'm debating whether or not to buy the dress online. My issues?

1. I'm worried about not trying the actual dress on first. I'm a size 0 or 2, so I assume it will fit me mostly like it does the model... but there's always that chance it won't. :/
2. Shipping takes 8-10 weeks, and that's rush. It's $110. :c
3. I don't know how reliable the website is (www.BestBridalPrices.com)

What do you guys think? Should I just order it and hope for the best?

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Recently, my mom has really gotten into sewing, shes sews anything and everything from curling iron covers, to messanger bags and quilts. I was talking to her one day about my garter and she asked if I would let her make it. I was a little apprehensive just because she has only been sewing a few months now but I agreed. She finished it last night, its AMAZING!

A little back story about the ribbon on the garter. Growing up and still to this day I have a huge love for Mickey Mouse. I had a hairbow made out of this exact ribbon when I was younger, and now its my garter!!

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Name and/or LJ userID: Erin
Wedding Date: 8-16-08
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
City/State/Country you live in: NJ
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Voorhees, NJ
Your song/First Dance song: ugh - haven't committed to that yet...
Wedding Colors: tiffany blue (and hot pink)
Formality: formal/ semi-formal
Theme (if you have one): none really - classic
Number of guests: 70-85
How'd you meet your fiance?: at work
How long have you been together?: 2-1/2 years and counting
Do you have a personal wedding website?: yes
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey? yes
Anything else you'd like to tell us?:

We got engaged in February and started planning towards the end of the month.  I really didn't realize that this was 'late' in terms of wedding planning - so it feels like we have just crammed everything in.  I finally went to look at dresses on Sunday and they were like -oh you better hurry.  Great.  Just another thing to rush....  ugh.


Yay invitations!!!!

I ordered my invitations from Exclusively Weddings, which is an online invitation source. My Mom had been pushing me and pushing me to find invitations (she really wants to get them out, I swear if she wasn't around my wedding would not be nearly so planned as it is right now).

The problem was, I couldn't find ANYTHING that I liked and there was NO way that I was DIYing. I just don't have the time as a graduate student.

Thankfully once I actually sat down to search I found a few things I liked and while mutually browsing the internets over the phone with my mother we settled on an invitation! Whee! (By the way, trying to browse webpages in synchrony with your mother who is on the phone is impossible to do without some form of aggravation no matter how well you get on with her)

So they arrived the other day and yesterday, my parents set about assembling them. I would have done this except they're in Connecticut, I'm in Florida and my mother is gung ho on getting things done with or without me. Sometimes it feels like I'm just along for the ride and maybe some minor input ;D

We ordered the invitation and RSVP cards from Exclusively Weddings and then got business cards from Vistaprint informing guests that directions, hotel info, airport info and all that other good stuff can be found at our website. I used a similar picture from my STDs (which were fancied up by an artist friend of mine and ordered through VistaPrint) for the background of the business card. I also splurged and went for glossy printing and (again according to my parents) they look amazing. The colors from the pictures match the colors of the invitations, which are very simple. Rather than also buy the ribbon available through the invitation website, we (read: my mother) just got some ribbon from the local craft store to match. And they look smashing.
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Now the one issue we had with the invitation was that the response card ink had bled through the paper to the other side. I'm not quite sure how this looked because I haven't seen the invitations in person, this is only what my parents have told me. However, they called customer service and the woman they spoke to didn't argue and immediately agreed to send out a new printing of response cards. This kind of makes me feel like they know this is an issue but that's just a feeling, nothing certain.

So all in all, Exclusively weddings seems like a pretty good place to get invitations and I still have not been done wrong by Vistaprint.

Fabulous Find!!!!!

I am having an orange and blue wedding, so this was a no brainer for me, but they have tons of other cute bags:

I just bought this

for my MoH 

and this

for myself. 

The bags are already on sale at $19.95, but when you add them to your cart they are instantly 50% off. SO, I just paid $9.95 each for these lovely bag trios. 

RUN!!! :)

494 Days to Go!

Okay, so we've got 500 494 days to go (it seems like it was 2 years just yesterday) and I already feel like we've gotten almost all of the big things done - which is awesome!  I hate stress, but am also kind of ocd about planning parties - so I'm glad we gave ourselves two years to plan. 

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braindead peachy

Earring question - stretched holes

For those of you who have stretched out your lobes, what sort of earrings are you planning on going with?

I'm currently at 10g and so far, the only options I'm seeing are plugs or organic swirly type stuff, none of which are really standing out to me. I want something a little more "traditional". Would standard drop/chandeliers (preferably light-weight ones) work for stretched lobes?

Edit: Thanks for all the suggestions! Those were very useful. :)

(no subject)

How much typically did you guys have to pay in shipping for your veils? Granted I am in Canada, but I was looking at ordering my veil off of http://www.veilshop.com and the veil I liked was only $39, but the shipping is 30! Ouch, is this typical? I am almost wondering if it would be cheaper to get it sent to a friend in the states, and have them send it to me? Or that may work out the same you think? I found their prices pretty reasonable (considering the one I wanted where I got my dress was $160.) I guess $70 still isn't bad. But I am wanting something VERY basic. Like this: http://www.veilshop.com/Bridal-Veil-11004_p_13780-319.html Is there any Canadian companies anyone has used? Or, somewhere where shipping will be a bit less? ...doesn't hurt to ask.

Also, met with our potential florist today. I decided on flowers I really didn't see myself going with. I originally wanted just Gerbera Daisies. But for my bouquet we actually decided on a gorgeous mix of Mini Gerbs, Carnations, Mini Carnations, Roses and Spray Roses with some Lilly Grass. And seriously, ridiculously gorgeous. I told her I wanted 75% reds (more Burgandy) and 25% white, but I think I may change my mind to all red. Either way, that went awesome.

Odd fact, too book her, she doesn't require a deposit?!?!?! This just doesn't happen in the wedding world!


This is probably a stretch but...I really, really want an Aqua Teen Hunger Force garter for my wedding day, I think FI would really get a kick out of it. I'm not crafty so I can't make it, but FMIL is super crafty and I know she'd be willing to make it for me but I can't find any fabric anywhere. I found some ATHF charms, but I don't know how I'd attach them to a garter. Any suggestions/ideas appreciated!


Bridal showers

Some recent posts got me thinking about bridal showers.

How many showers are you having (to your current knowledge)?


How much did you know about your shower ahead of time?

I knew everything--I was instrumental in planning.
I helped out some with planning, so I knew what to expect.
I knew when and where and nothing else.
I knew I was getting a shower, but I knew nothing about it.
It was a complete surprise!
I did not/will not have a shower.

Mod Post- New Rule

New Rule: Do not contact vendors regarding other people's negative experiences.

We have over 3,500 members in our community, which makes this place an amazing resource for planning your wedding. We provide do-it-yourself guides, centerpiece tips, oogle over beautiful wedding dresses, and tell you which vendors you should use or which you shouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.

In order to protect the community, the members, the vendors, and any businesses involved, we request that you do not contact vendors regarding other people's negative experiences.

What does this mean?

You are still allowed to:
  • Post negative reviews of vendors. Tell us your experiences- good or bad- so we can learn from them.

  • Comment on negative reviews of vendors. You think that guy is an asshole? Think that the woman should be more professional? Hit the "toast the couple" link and comment on the post!

  • Contact vendors regarding positive experiences with members of this community. Example: "Hi, ____ raved about you in an online forum and I'm interested in your services! Are you available on [my wedding day] to do my [photography, videography, DJing, chair delivery, feed me plz]?"

  • Contact vendors on behalf of the negative experience YOU have received. It's your wedding and if you feel you've been treated unfairly by vendors, by all means, let them know it.

  • You are NOT allowed to:
  • Contact the vendor on behalf of the original poster and let the vendor know what you think about his/her services.

  • Contact the any of the vendor's associates or the BBB on behalf of the OP.

  • Why are we doing this?
  • To protect you. If you write a scathing review of a photographer, for example, and many people get so upset over his actions that they send him hate mail, that probably isn't going to make him very happy with you, the person who wrote the bad review. Think about it: most vendors know your name, your wedding date, your wedding location, and your contact info. That's a LOT of info that someone who has suddenly become your enemy now has access to. Not only can the vendor e-mail you and tell you what a horrible person you are for ripping him a new asshole all over the internets, but he can also provoke you by phone, e-mail, show up at your home, or show up to your wedding unannounced. Yes, it sounds a little far-fetched, but you'd be surprised what people do when they're pissed off.

  • To protect us. If our community members are seeking out and harassing, demeaning, disrespecting and defaming vendors whom they don't have any experience with, we can be responsible for slander, libel and/or defamation of character. I'm not suggesting that anything we've posted in the past falls into this category and I'm hoping that nothing in the future does, either. But it's definitely something we need to be aware of. Harassment that stems from weddingplans, whether provoked or unprovoked, will not be tolerated.
  • To protect the vendors. Guys, this isn't like spreading rumors about the promiscuity of your former BFF in high school. Vendors are vendors because that's their job; their livelihood. This is how they pay their bills, put food on their table, go on vacation, and live (hopefully) happy lives. You don't f*ck with someone's job unless it's serious. And if it's *that* serious, the original poster, the person who has ACTUALLY HAD CONTACT WITH THE VENDOR should do the complaining, alerting the bosses and BBB, etc. Let me state that again: Unless you have actually had previous contact with the vendor OUTSIDE of this altercation, you should NOT make contact. Do we have the right to judge someone's actions based on our limited knowledge to the point of possibly ruining someone's career? No. It's also extremely disrespectful and rude to hunt someone down just to tell them off. We will not tolerate witch hunts fueled by rabid brides.

  • Anyone who is caught contacting vendors on someone else's behalf about negative experience will get ONE warning. Do it again and you'll be banned from this community. We will start enforcement immediately, but the rules will not be applied retroactively to comments or posts that have already been made.

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Complaints? Let me know.

    Although I wish it was, this is NOT an April Fool's Day joke.

    Dress Help

    Hey Ladies (and gents) I need your shopping help.

    I was looking at cute dresses, and found one I absolutely love, I havent even decided what I want it yet for, possibly a bridal shower, or going away dress. But um... I cant afford it. I was hoping you fabulous shoppers would know of something similar for a noticeably smaller price tag.


    My rules for the dress: I want similar cut/length. Preferably black/white, it can have color but not eye-bleedy obnoxiously so, and it can have pattern, but nothing too busy, as my dear manbeast doesnt do well with busy/eye bleedy designs.

    (no subject)

    I was married Saturday and have some pictures back from a few friends. I have them posted on our wedding website at http://www.mywedding.com/lorianddavid/galleries.html

    It was an amazing night and I only wish it didn't go by so quickly. We had several snags getting things started, but we were able to work it all out and enjoy the evening. The night before I stayed at a hotel with my 5 bridesmaids and the guys stayed at our place. When they left the next day, they forgot the marriage license. We realized this about 10 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. One of the guests went back to our place and got it to us in time though. The minister also forgot to bring our vows that we wrote and gave to him two weeks before the wedding. Fortunately I emailed them to my maid of honor after we wrote them, so I was able to pull them up on my treo from my yahoo account. My maid of honor quickly wrote them down on a scratch sheet of paper and we were then able to still have our own vows. All of the delays worked out well because a few people were having trouble with Houston traffic and were running late. The DJ played the wrong song when I was coming down the aisle. I was supposed to come down to an instrumental version of NIN Something I Can Never Have. He played the actual song with the lyrics and everything. It is obviously not a romantic song, I just loved with way it sounded as orchestra music. I was booking it down the aisle before the main lyrics started up.

    We took pictures before the ceremony because the ceremony and reception were in the same location and we didn't want to try to do all of the pictures with everyone running around. We had a lot of fun with the photographer. The girls all had undies with "bridesmaid" monogrammed on them and mine had my new last name. We took a picture all showing our undies to the photographer. I'm also a bit of a gun nut and had one of my guns in a thigh holster under the dress instead of a garter and we took several pictures of that as well. The photographer said we were one of the most fun groups he's ever worked with.

    I wish we had more time to visit with everyone and I wish we had more pictures of Dave and I together at the reception. It seems like we kept making the rounds separately and only crossed paths for short periods. We had such a great time though and I'm very relieved to have it all over with. I feel like wedding planning has consumed so much of our time and our weekends and it's nice to have it all over with. Saturday we leave for Jamaica for a week, and I'm really looking forward to that as well. I'm glad we're waiting a week because we've gotten to take care of so many things and rest and will be able to fully enjoy our trip.

    This community has been a lot of help and given me so many ideas. I'll hang around a bit longer and post the pro pictures whenever they are ready.
    purple flowers, Me and Lily

    (no subject)

    I'm starting to have a freak out of guilt over inviting our parents' friends and my co-workers to only the reception and not the ceremony.

    The room we're having the ceremony in is only big enough to fit so many people. If we had invited them all it would have guaranteed more people than seats, which I see as a huge faux pas. So to fix it we invited just family and close friends to the ceremony and everyone to the reception. The invites went out only last week and I already received feedback from my dad's friend that his wife was curious about the ceremony and would like to come. My dad explained, thankfully...but still, now I feel bad!

    I'm totally confident in our choice. We wanted a ceremony and reception at the same location, both indoors, but slightly not-traditional/too banquet-hall-ish, and we got just that (a golf course facility in English tudor style, ceremony room opens up with a wall of double doors into the ballroom). Ideally, yeah, everyone could come to everything, but this also keeps our ceremony slightly more private, which is preferred anyway.

    So yeah, I'm feeling guilty for not invited 30 people that I only kind of know to the most important expression of our love to each other. It feels sort of silly.
    Jake and Maggie

    Another question about 80's music

    I previously posted this entry about 80's music and got some FANTASTIC responses. 

    I think we're going to use Hot Chocolate's "You Sexy Thing" for our first dance (if we can manage to find some dance lessons...) clicky here if you don't remember the song. (I know it's originally from 1975, that's fine, we love it and it's still within our lifetime.)

    I'm at a loss for an appropriate song for the father/daughter - mother/son dance,  that's 80's music. We're going to combine the two, any suggestions? Obviously we not hardcore that it has to be 80's - just trying to go for some fun slow music for this dance.

    ***Edit - Commericals will be nixed. Thank you to everyone who gave me input. I think I started with 80's music videos and then got way off course. We'll figure something out that's more appropriate.

    If anyone has any song ideas, please let me know :-)

    We found the song to the old Max Headroom and Ghostbusters and plan to use those during dinner, which got us thinking... instead of having a slide show of us on all of the TV screens, why not show video clips of 80's commercials and music videos? I know I'd get a much bigger laugh out of seeing that little old lady saying, "Where's the Beef?!?!" than some shot of me in the 2nd grade. We wouldn't have the audio, it would just be video. Sound crazy? Does not having the audio kill the concept? 

    Even commercials for
    Transformers seems funny even without sound to me, but I'd like to get some other opinions. :-)

    Thank you for your help!
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    Barbie Bride

    389 Days

    So my wedding counter tells me. I had originally wanted a fall wedding, but once we got engaged over Valentine's weekend, we knew we didn't really have the time or money to do a Fall 2008 wedding, and neither of us wanted to wait until Fall 2009, so we decided on April 2009. Now, while the money is still preventative, we've gotten so much done, (or at least decided on, if not fully accomplished) that we probably would have had no trouble organizing everything for October after all.

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