April 13th, 2008

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My Wedding Plans

Name:  Grace 
Fiance's Name:  Adam
Age:  I'm 20 and he's 22
Wedding Date:  May 2008
Location:  Knoxville, TN
Wedding Colors:  purple, gold, and white
How we met:  Adam and I have dated for four years now.  We met through AOL via the profile search function.  I saw that he liked anime and shared many of my same interests, so I decided to friend him.  A few months later in 2004, we met in real life and fell in love.  We are deeply in love with each other and we are looking forward to the wedding and moving into our new apartments.  He is originally from Southaven, Mississippi and I am originally from Hayward, California, but we now live in Knoxville, Tennessee together.  We had had a long-distance relationship for the first two years until he decided to move up to Knoxville, to the relief of both of us.

Our wedding will be very non-traditional and will take place in a very nice ball room in a nearby, brand-new senior center (It's nicer than you can imagine!).  We have an ocean theme and plan on selecting our music soon.  I chose a simple and elegant, lacy, beige evening gown for my wedding dress.  I couldn't find the look I was searching for in David's Bridal, so I went to Dillards instead.  I wanted the wedding to be simple and laid-back to reduce stress, time, and money put into the ceremony.  Our vows will be more spiritual and about love, since neither of us are particularly religious.

I am getting very excited!  It's coming up fast! ^_^  I am currently getting my bachelors in philosophy and we will both have new jobs once we settle down into our first apartment.  Adam plans on getting a technical two-year degree once I am finished with my schooling.  My wedding ring is a beautiful lab-created sapphire and most of the gorgeous decorations were done by my mother's friend Mickey.  You can save a lot of time, money, and effort if you look in the right places.  It is possible to have a spectacular wedding without getting too pricy!

If you are considering a non-traditional and relaxed wedding, I highly encourage shopping at department stores for evening gowns, especially if you are looking for the simple, yet elegant style.  If you don't want a traditional, white wedding dress, there are also plenty of bridesmaid dresses to choose from both online and in different stores.  Do what feels right for you!  It doesn't have to be traditional to be a wedding!  Be creative and have fun...just be yourself and it will really show through in the ceremony.  ^_^
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Has anyone ordered or seen the bouquets from FTD.com? I'm thinking of going with this Vera Wang bouquet. I'm concerned, though, since they don't show the base. I assume I'll have to wrap it myself.

We're getting married June 7, so I'm starting to get antsy. We don't have a florist, obviously. >.>

Also, is anyone here trying to find linens for 60" round tables? I'd like to find someone with whom to share the cost of ten ivory, black, red, and/or light green linens. It would probably be best if you were in the Lexington, KY area (w/in 100 miles or so).

Minor edit: To avoid further unasked for judgemental opinions, I am not in any way interested in the bouquets because a designer tagged her name to them. Through my job, I get a 20% discount on FTD products, and Vera Wang happens to have her name on a green/white roses bouquet, which I love. :)
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sorry for posting so much tonight.

anyway, i was browsing around the 'net and stumbled across these. I don't remember who it was who was having a 08-08-08 wedding, and asking about having magic 8 balls on the tables as centerpieces, but I thought maybe they could use these as favors instead! I don't know how reputable the site is as I've never used them before but still... it's a damned cute idea!

edit: ooh. further down the page they have them as keyrings

edit2: I didn't see any point in making another post.. but while I was looking for bridal bouquets I came across this adorable alternative- how cute for a beach wedding!!
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I'm curious, has anyone here made their wedding album with Blurb? If so, how did it turn out?

I haven't ventured into booking a photographer yet, my future mother in law has someone specific in mind already and is willing to pay for it, so i'm not that concerned, but making a book sounds like so much fun! and it doesn't seem to be expensive at all..

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Hi all :) Just a random question that I thought I'd ask since it's 3am and I'm on this fun third shift schedule.

Our guest list right now is around 135 (with kids) and we're hoping between 80 and 100 actually show up. We're doing a buffet style dinner and don't want to mess around with place cards/seating charts. It's a casual reception and we want people to sit wherever and just relax and feel comfortable. The tables at our location are round and seat 8 people at each. Common sense says that we should have a few extra seats, especially when there is no seating chart. The question is, how many extra seats? I don't want the place to look empty and have people all spread out, but if grandpa and grandma are the last ones to go through the line I want them to still be able to sit next to one another. Is anyone else not doing seating charts? How are you handling it?

Thanks! :)
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48 days and a small picture post

Everything is coming together for the wedding. We found a baker for our cake so that was the main worry I had.

I still need to pick what song my friend Roberta is waking down the aisle to and how I'm going to do my make up but otherwise it's almost all done. I just need to get a table count from my reception site so I can make the centerpieces.

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Is anyone else here doing the Evolution of Dance as their First Dance? What songs are you using? I want to do most of the ones that the comedian uses, but I don't think "I Get Knocked Down" would bode well =]

For anyone not familiar, you can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg

FH and I are going to try to recreate it, hopefully since I have not seen FH dance once in our three years together. But, I found another pretty cool version on YouTube that a couple did at their wedding that made me crack up, so I thought I'd share.

lost in the mail

I have learned that at least 2 of the invitations I mailed out on 2/28 never arrived to the intended guests. I am frustrated because we have no more to send out. I can get the guests the appropriate information, but we mailed out every last invitation. We also do not know if others guests did not receive their invitations. I call ed the post office, but there is nothing I can do without a tracking number. This is very frustrating! 
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tiny update at (nearly) 1 month to go!

I had my first bridal shower yesterday.   It was fantastic, and I received some wonderful gifts--a very  soft blanket from Kohl's, many cook books, a picture frame, dishes, a toaster, crockpot, and many essential kitchen items, i.e. vegetable peelers, measuring cups, kitchen knives, pot holders, etc.  The ladies also passed around a book for me and each wrote in advice about marriage for me! 

There will be pics to come when I receive them.  In the meantime, I suppose I better start on my thank you notes.  I suppose my mom will get one too since she gave me sooo many nice dishes she knew I wanted.  In fact my mom, who I didn't think was very into my non-LDS wedding, has been pretty great lately and even wrote down the gifts I received although one of my bridesmaids was there.

My dress got some alterations done and will be ready to pick up tomorrow.

Finalizations with the catering plans were finished, and I managed to cut the catering bill to a price that makes both the caterer and my parents happy.

Last week my headpiece and bridesmaids' headpiece came in the mail.  It was made with cymbidium orchids and was absolutely awesome!  Pics to come.

It is so awesome to see everything come together!
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Picked up bridesmaid jewelry

I went to pick up my bridesmaid's jewelry from the jewelry store yesterday. To recap, I couldn't find anything I really loved, so I ended up going to a local jeweler and getting something custom-made. It was a bit of a leap of faith, since I had to put down a deposit with only a picture in my head. Luckily, the jeweler I worked with is a great guy, so I was able to trust him to take care of me.

It still is great to hold something completely customized in my hand though.

Here was the inspiration piece:

And here is the final product:
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Hello! I'm new!

Name and/or LJ userID:   Jackie  (willowpez)
Wedding Date:  08/16/2008
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): I am the bride :) My FH is Jason
Age: 23
City/State/Country you live in: Plattsburgh, NY
Your song/First Dance song:
Billie Holiday - I'll be Seeing You
Wedding Colors: Eggplant, pool blue
Formality: formal yet relaxed
Theme (if you have one): mostly traditional
Number of guests: 150ish
How'd you meet your fiance?: friend from HS's older brother.
How long have you been together?: A year and a half
Do you have a personal wedding website?:not really
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey? of course
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: not quite..

Does anyone have any ideas for flower girl baskets? I see some beautiful ones but they are so expensive. I need two.. and i don't feel like spending $100 on two baskets.
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increased dress prices?

So a couple months ago I found THE dress.  I couldn't afford to purchase it at the time, plus at the time I had time to wait. 

So, Id really like to order it and at the time I found it on another website for literally half the price that Alfred Angelo was charging for it.

Now it appears that the dress has increased in cost and the $400 charge I found for it is now anywhere between $900 and $600.  The charge for the dress in the store at the time was $849....now it's $1200. 

Is this normal?

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Any help/advice would be seriously appreciated.

Thanks. :-)
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The untraditional diamond route

So, we might look into engagement rings that aren't diamond rings because money is tight.
Though I always dreamed of a solitaire with a diamond band, I dream of marrying the love of my life even more.

Have any of you done that and what are you gettting for the wedding band/ or what do you have as yours?
Could you all post pictures of your non diamond engagement rings and if possible the wedding bands with it?
That would be so great! Thanks in advance!
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potential venues?

Firstly, thanks for all the advice on my first wedding gown browsing experience! I now know a little more about what I am looking for and a little more on what would look good on my body shape.

Anyhow, we also checked out a few city parks as potential venues. For budget reasons, we most likely won't be doing the traditional private wedding venue/hotel/center/etc. Rather, we've been checking out the cheaper (and maybe free?) options from the city (and potential other cheaper venues, we'll see).

So, without further ado, here are the three places we checked out on Friday:

Venue A: Mayfield Park
Pros: Beautiful park, relatively cheap (750-950 depending how long), peacocks!, ponds with koi, use any caterer/etc you want
Cons: Have to rent tables/chairs, public park - can't close it to private party, peacocks can be loud, reservation policies (aka "lottery", etc)
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Venue B: Zilker Clubhouse
Pros: gorgeous view of the Austin skyline, probably cheapish as above (but I didn't get a price quote yet), more private than the parks because it's up a skinny road on top of a hill, lots of free parking, choose your own catering/etc
Cons: the highway is sort of near (although I've read from other wedding reviews that it's not too bad), the reservation policies as mentioned above, no AC in the house
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Venue C: Zilker Botanical Gardens (not to be confused with Zilker Clubhouse, above)

You can only have the ceremony in the actual gardens, of which cost ~300 for 1h30.
However, you can rent a room in the garden center for 70/hr (tiny room), 130/hr (bigger room), or 170/hr (for both), plus deposit of 100. I wasn't able to check out the room because it was used for a plant sale that day.

Pros: inexpensive, nice gardens, can also do bridals there
Cons: parking may be limited, public park, limited people depending on the site
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Anyway, there are more places I wanted to check out, including Chapel Dulcinea, Umlauf Sculpture Gardens (although they are a little pricier), or the Fort Worth Botanic Garden (the only one not in Austin). I might even look into renting dining halls at state parks with gorgeous scenery/wildflowers, we'll see :)

So what do you think so far?

Or, any other Austin (or Ft Worth) brides had weddings in any of the above venues have suggestions?

Another reason not to register at Target

**NOTE: I hope this isn't too off topic for the community. It's in direct relation to my Target wedding registry, but goes off into a rant on their customer service as well. Figured it would not hurt to further warn future brides of what can go wrong in this stupid store, that I used to love!

Well, I really regret not listening closer to the ladies here about the extent of Target's return policy suck-iness.

We registered with them for a few items anyway, thinking we'd be cool and I made sure to let people know that Target had a crappy return policy and please include gift receipts in case we got duplicates for some reason.

Well of course, some people remembered, some people didn't. In the end, we got 6 duplicate/incorrect items from Target. 3 had receipts, 3 did not (one of the 3 that did not had been ordered online and shipped to our house...all that was in there was a packing slip).

So we go and return the 3 items with receipts and were told we could have a gift card for the full amount of the items, or a VISA/Mastercard loaded with half the amount of the items. Ummm, yeah. So we took the gift card.

Then he got to the items without receipts. I handed over my registry hoping they would be reasonable with me when they saw that I had three exact items from my registry, marked as FULFILLED and that my wedding date was one week ago. Well, didn't matter, they still treated me like a liar and a thief and wouldn't take the items back (one which was TARGET BRAND!)

My husband then got a little angry and asked to speak with a manager. The manager came and my husband and I went over our concerns with the policy and how we thought it was unfair to treat two loyal customers like thieves. While we were talking with him, he basically just told us to leave. When we tried to continue the conversation, they called the police on us!!! An officer came in and told us that he would arrest us for trespassing if we didn't leave like the manager asked us. The manager also said we were "disrupting customers". Please note, we did NOT do anything crazy or threatening. We didn't get loud, we didn't go stomping around the store, we didn't make any rude gestures or colorful language. We just wanted to express how upset we were and basically tell the manager that he was losing two loyal customers and any friends we could take with us.

I was completely floored. There was nothing we could do except take our items with us and go. It was so infuriating and embarrassing. I've never been treated so badly by customer service in my life.

We're contacting corporate tomorrow to express how angry we are about having the police called on us when filing a civil complaint with the store. At this point, I'm resigned to selling the gifts online or regifting them (they are nice items, I just don't need two!!!!). But I definitely want to let Target corporate know how the manager treated his customers today.

After I get rid of the gift cards I have, I'm never shopping with Target again. Ridiculous!
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I need ideas!

Ok Ladies (et al)!  What's your first dance song?  I'm personally looking for something less "traditional," more "indie," as it were, but I'd love to see any ideas you've come up with for the first dance of the rest of your life!

I must really suck at being a bride today...

1. I meant to get up this morning and go to the Southern Bridal Expo at the fairgrounds which is literally *just* down the street from my house..... and I slept the whole way through it! Luckily though, there's another [different] show going on in Durham next weekend. I'm so disappointed in myself, but my excuse is the fact that the air conditioning's broken in our apartment (along with our dishwasher which tried to kill me last night!) and it's been like an oven in here so I didn't sleep until nearly 7am which was only from sheer exhaustion! I guess I'll be waiting for it to come back in August now!

2. I really want super bright flowers at the wedding. I figure tropical and exotic flowers would make a great contrast to the girls teal dresses and against the black accent color we're using. Only problem is, all I can seem to find for bright and colorful are pink! and while I like pink, I don't think I want all the flowers pink. I'd like some oranges, reds, yellows and whites in there too. Maybe even some purple or blue. I'm really avoiding using roses at all, though I don't mind having a small number of them & my favourite flowers are stargazer and casablanca lilies & I absolutely refuse to have dahlias, carnations, or daisies. Any ideas?
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EDIT!!! Holy Crap! I may just scrap the idea of the flowers completely. Vintage Magpie does the most amazing, unique bouquets ever, made with all sorts of shiny bits and pieces. If I dont have one for my bouquet, I'm damned well having one at least for decoration! And it goes really well with our Vintage Hollywood theme!
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Han and Leia

Invitation help!

Where can I find the outer sleeve thing on this invitation (The red part)? I can't seem to hone my google-fu in on it, and am probably searching for the wrong name. If you do know where to get them (and what they're called, the silly little things), that would be amazing!!
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So, sometimes I feel so ignorant about this whole wedding thing. I am really good at planning events, so the planning part I am doing well with. It's the communication with guests/dealing with relatives that I am not so good at. So, I want to ask all of you level headed people what you think.

Our wedding is October 11th. I have booked hotel rooms at a local hotel, as about 60-75% of our guests will be traveling. Save the dates went out in October of last year.

Should I currently be (or already have) informed all of my guests of lodging accommodations? I only ask because 2 people have already frantically asked me if I had the information yet.

And, should I also know what time the wedding will be already? We haven't met with our officiant yet (but we have one booked for the day), we are having the ceremony in a local park and have the location (a bandshell) rented for the day, and our photographer for the whole day. I really wasn't worrying about the timing of the day yet, since everything is scheduled for that day. And yet, FMIL called this evening and clearly thought we should know exactly what time the wedding would be at so she could tell her friends that have been asking. Apparently, a lot of people need to make plans for that day.

And finally, what would you say to these people? They are not asking so that they can talk with us about the wedding (a thought my sister had, she was trying to be nice, bless her heart) but instead it is coming across like we don't have our stuff together.


Tiny progress post

With under 50 days to go, I'm making some progress.

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Question--FH desperately wants a bachelor's party. Not the stereotypical one, but a celebratory gathering with good friends (co-ed), with good food, good wine and lots of laughs. The problem is that it's his second marriage, he's older (37) and all of his friends are married with children. One of his friends told him he didn't need a bachelor's party. Another person (his SIL) told him to plan it himself. I think she said that because she doesn't want her husband (his brother) to take the time to plan it. (Which makes me want to say a lot of other things, but I won't.)

But he won't plan it himself, because he's starting to believe he doesn't get one this time around, even though he so wants one. I very much want him to have one, but obviously, can't plan it for him.

My question is -- would it be inappropriate for me to try to speak to a couple of his friends and mention this? And how do I do it without making it seem like I feel it's their responsibility to throw him a party?

(no subject)

I printed our Table Numbers out today. I just used my own inkjet printer and 5x7 cards from Paper-Source. We used regular Table Numbers, but we added love quotes from our favorite movies. These will be put in wooden frames - My Mom and I are painting them white and distressing them to look like shabby chic beach frames =]

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Something Blue

So I think I have my something blue for my wedding. My lovely manbeast bought me a necklace today for my birthday, with sapphires (his birthstone) and diamonds (mine) and I <3 it.

If you want to know where it is (I'm pretty sure they have similar styles with other gemstones) go to Kay.com scroll over jewelry and click on necklaces, then gemstones, then sapphire, then move the $$ option to over $500+ and you should see it. They do have a smaller (cheaper) version, but it doesnt stand out nearly as nicely according to Jon, he wouldnt let me get the smaller one and said I had to get hte one that popped better
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I can *finally* stop lurking!!

Name and/or LJ userID: Steph (ehlonna)
Wedding Date: 09/19/09
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride :)
Age: 26
City/State/Country you live in: Vancouver, BC, Canada
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Victoria, BC, Canada
Your song/First Dance song: Not sure yet.
Wedding Colors: Rich, jewel tones (ie: sapphires, garnets, etc.)
Formality: semi-formal
Theme (if you have one): Autumn
Number of guests: ~50
How'd you meet your fiance?: We met in 1999 in our first class at University. We've been friends for several years, seen each other through other relationships and finally figured out that we were meant to be together.
How long have you been together?: Since May of 2004.
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet.
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey? Yes.
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I'm SO EXCITED. The proposal was romantic and perfect and it's such a nice feeling to be so cherished by someone :) I'm still not used to calling my my fiance!

I'm really looking forward to meeting other Canadian (and specifically British Columbian) brides to share vendor reviews, etc!
P Patty

music question

Since I'm getting married in the Catholic church, I can't have secular music. I can deal with this. I'm trying to find music that I like that hasn't been played at a relative's funeral. Which leads to my random question -

Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" - beautiful or depressing? Too heavy for a late afternoon (4 pm) ceremony? (I'm thinking softly playing in the background as people come in)

Honestly, the connection I make in my head is the song from "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown", but I can't count on everyone to know showtunes :)

What would you think if you walked into a wedding and heard this song playing?

Garter Question

So, I went over to my grandma's house yesterday, and found a dress that I had when I was a kid. It is the EXACT same color as my wedding dress (if I get the one I think I will), and it had a lace sash on it. I snagged the lace sash, and really want to make my garter out of it.

Have any of you sent material out to be made into a garter?
Do you have someone you could recommended that would be beyond trustworthy?

I am just SUPER afraid that I will give this piece of fabric to someone, and end up getting burned.

Catering Blues

So...after receiving another $4000 quote for catering for 50 people, I'm about done with caterers. The quotes are not for complex or gourmet menus. This last one was for a pork tenderloin carving station, mashed potato bar, chicken kabobs, barbecue cups, mini crab cakes, hot taco dip, cheese balls & crackers, a fruit tray, and four types of desserts (spice cake cupcakes, bite size carrot cake, mini eclairs and pecan tarts.) This would all be set up as a buffet. The food itself only came to around $2100. The rest was for the required labor, tax and service charge. For this buffet, they say they need 6-10 servers, a manager and a kitchen manager.

I will order pizza before I pay $80/person for this amount and type of food. Maybe I'm being unreasonable, but I just can't figure out how that makes our day more special. I'd rather put that money towards our house fund. At this point, we are seriously considering making the food ourselves and hiring a few servers to keep the food trays filled. I am ridiculously organized and the rest of the wedding is fairly simply planned. Anyone think this is a great idea? Absolutely crazy?

On a happier note, I made the bridesmaid bouquets yesterday. I still have to do the MOH and bridal bouquets, mothers' corsages and bouts, but, other than the four hours I spent at Hobby Lobby, the project went fairly easily and I think they turned out pretty nice. After I find my cord for my camera, I'll post a pic.

I have also decided what we're doing for favors. Again, when I actually have one assembled, I'll post a pic. They are going to be very time intensive, but I think they are very cool.

Other than the catering issue, wedding planning is going well (knocking on wood.) I feel like I must be missing some huge thing, because I keep having this thought of "This is so easy!" We're about six months out and I am just now starting to solidify my vague ideas and I'm not stressed out at all. Not even really about the catering. I'm more annoyed about that than stressed. So, keep your eyes open to see if I suddenly remember something big and start freaking out!

I can't sleep!!

I'm new here, but I do need some "advice." At least once every two weeks, i have a dream.. no.. nightmare.. about the wedding. Most recently, My FH is wearing kakis and a long grey shirt because he forgot to order tuxes.
All of my bridesmaids are gone
There are people there i didn't even invite become the bridesmaids and are all wearing white sundresses
my father doesn't show up because he has to work
all the flowers are completely wrong.

others have been that my sister ruins my dress, wrong ceremony place, i'm wearing the wrong dress..
They just seem to be getting worse -- any ideas why?

Any one else having these same problems?

Bridesmaid Dilemma?

I must be getting really annoying... I'm so sorry. Its just that ya'll are wonderful to bounce ideas off & I don't have many girlfriends in RL who can/will help me out any.

I'm starting to seriously think about who I'm having as BM's. I know my best friend will definitely be MOH, and I'll definitely ask the younger one of my two FSIL's, but other than that I'm not sure. Like I said, I don't have many girlfriends, and those I do have are pretty unreliable at best. So, I'm thinking of having my cousin in the bridal party... doesn't sound too strange does it?

Now, here's the catch- I've never met her. My late uncle fathered her when he was a teenager and her mother took off to Scotland with her shortly after she gave birth. My cousin was brought up believing her step-dad was her real father until her wedding day, 10 years ago. Last Autumn she finally managed to track my Grandmother down and got in touch with her shortly before my Uncle passed. Since then she's become close with my mother (to the point where I'm starting to think my mother prefers her to me!) and she takes the train down to England visit her at least once a month. I've only spoken to my cousin on the phone a couple of times, and she's sent me a few emails so that I could at least see photos of her but other than that, we're not very close. I'd like to ask her just because she's family and well... I don't have any other female family that I would want to ask, but I would like my family represented in my side of the bridal party (as much as I sorta-like my sister there's absolutely no way, and the other 4 female extended-cousins I have are god-knows-where these days.) She's planning on coming to the wedding anyway though.

The other thing that I'm a little worried about is the long distance of it all. I'm in NC, and she's in Scotland. I'm worried about trying to coordinate her dress etc. I'm sure I could order it & keep it for her, but I'm worried about if it needs alterations/wouldn't fit etc.

what would you do?