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August 22nd, 2011

random questions

I just have some random questions. I'm still 10 months away from the wedding, but I'm trying to figure out as much as possible beforehand haha!

First question: Have any of you ever tried cupcakes instead of wedding cake, or seen it done? I was thinking of doing cupcakes. Everyone I told the idea to seemed to like it, but one of the groomsmen said it was fine to do whatever we wanted, but from all the weddings he has seen (he works at a hotel and caters to A TON of weddings) whenever they used cupcakes it did not go over well. Why would it not go over well? Because there is no cake to cut? I was thinking of having a small slab of cake in the middle of the cupcake display so we could have something to cut for pictures, but mostly wanted cupcakes because then a) we do not need to cut 100 pieces of cake for the guests, b) nor would we have to make a fake cake, then have pre-cut cake in the back to avoid cutting 100 pieces, and c) we like being a little different! let me know what you guys think or have experienced.

Second question: When my fiance was in his best man's wedding last year as the best man in their wedding (confusing!), I was able to sit at the head table since I knew NO ONE attending the wedding (it was 3 hours away in a town I only know because my fiance is from there).
I am guessing it is only polite to do the same for our best man and his wife. But then should I do the same for my sister who is the maid of honour and her boyfriend even though he knows people who are attending? and everyone else in the wedding party is single, but once the wedding comes along they may have partners... should I anticipate seating them at the head table as well? I don't want to have a crowded head table, but I don't want to put the best man's wife in a crowd of people she doesn't know. I know we're adults and we can deal with it, but since they did it for me... I just feel a bit obligated to. There are already going to be me and my fiance at the head table, the maid of honour and best man, and then 2 groomsmen and 2 bridesmaid. so already 8 people at the head table... What are your thoughts?? experiences? please let me know!

Third question: Did you hire a photographer? Photographers are so expensive... I really didn't want to hire one, but I don't know anyone who can take pictures that isn't in the wedding party. We just attended my future sister-in-law's wedding this weekend and they had a professional photographer there. They did a great job, but they charged $1200 which we simply can not afford! and my future MIL insisted we need to hire someone as well (which is ironic because in the beginning she insisted we have an outdoor wedding to save money) so we do not regret it and have pictures to show our son some day which I can understand, but it's just so pricey. But I looked into photographers in the area just for an idea, and there was only one who did a small wedding package for $575 and it was the cheapest I could find for 3 hours of photo coverage.
So my question is, did you hire a photographer? did you just get someone in the family to do it? if not, did you regret it? I want to know. It's 10 months away but... I know if you do get a photographer you need to book ahead of time. I almost want to have like a fund raiser from the families to try and get money for a photographer haha. because it would be nice to not have to worry about it! but please let me know what you think on this as well!

sorry for throwing so many questions out at once. feel free to answer just one and not the others if you want. I just have to get them all out in one post or I'll forget about them!

Vistaprint - LivingSocial North OC, Cali

Vistaprint: $50 to Spend on Business Cards, Labels, Note Cards, and More for $10

Question: Does this look like it will apply to wedding invitations?
I've never used Vistaprint, so I'm not sure if this just sounds too good to be true.

Because if will work on them, that's like, amazing! And tempting!

And this is my first time using LivingSocial- Does something like this, listed under a specific area but for an online place, only work for the residents of that area?

HUGE UPDATE: Gown, Venue, Cake, Hair, etc.

Quick recap of who we are! I'm Lauren, 22 (23 when I get married), from Michigan. My fiance's name is Corey. We've been dating for 5 years and are planning a vintage travel themed wedding for June 2012. I'm so excited to be giving a huge update, because everything is finally coming together.

(The two of us at my college graduation)

Click here for venues, gown, and more!Collapse )
Can anyone think of anything else to add to my "information" card regarding our reception restaurant? Any comments on the wording? (The guests order their meal there, they don't have to choose ahead of time.) There is a map graphic on there as well.

"Restaurant is located on the corner
of Street 1 and Street 2 in City.

Our guests will be served an antipasti course
followed by their choice of several Italian
entrees as well as a selection of beer
and wine. Cocktails will be available for

Parking is free with validation by the
restaurant, so don’t forget to get your ticket

I have total wedding brain-melt right now. -sigh-


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