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Post wedding post: home grown home made rural wedding

We got married on August 1st 2012 in North Wales, our ceremony was in a local Town Hall, I walked down the aisle to a recording of my husband playing John Fahey's "sea of love" on guitar. the party was in our garden.
We did everything ourselves, the flowers were all home grown, my bouquet full of wild fever-few and honeysuckle which grows in the garden. we made some of the food and asked our guests to bring a "pot-luck" dish of vegetarian food. I made the cake, fruit cake covered in royal icing and home-made marzipan fruits. We all did our own hair and make up. My dress was from Ebay and I made my garter, the groom bought his suit from a Calven Klien outlet, the best men wore their own clothes. We asked a few friends with good cameras to take the photos. We did the music ourselves, putting everything we liked on an Ipod and letting the guests pick songs like a jukebox. We danced under a canopy till the early hours, the night winded down with people singing and playing instruments.

Our wedding cost us £695. I still feel amazed we had such a beautiful day for so little money and everything was exactly as I wanted it to be.


wedding partysrc="http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/bluemoonspot/10339241/1292/1000.jpg" width="1000" >
feastsrc="http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/bluemoonspot/10339241/1761/1000.jpg" width="1000" >
wedding kiss

My sister threw the bouquet in the river Wye, where we put our fathers ashes last year. 

So happy with it all, I haven't stopped smiling since The Day!!
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