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Really really getting down to the nitty gritty of it here.  :)  Just about everything we did was DIY, and I'm really really proud of how it is all turning out.  :)  So here's my brag post about where I am.  Warning - Seriously graphics intense!

The Venue
We're getting married at Lake Tahoe, aboard the M.S. Dixie during a sunset dinner cruise.  :)  Gorgeous!  It will also be the night before the Rose moon, which this year is a super moon, the full noon that will appear the largest in the sky all year, due to it's close proximity to the earth.  (Sorry - had a teacher moment there.  LOL!)  We booked the "bow ceremony", which means our ceremony will be right there on the roof.  3rd deck aft.  Can't wait!!!

Firstly our
They were a kit I got from Hobby Lobby, $25, and then 40% off.  :)  They came with black ribbons though, so I replaced them with red.  (I fought with the printer a LOT.)  I didn't mess up a single invite though.  (Many many test pages were sent to the graveyard during the printing process).  The kit had nicely lined envelopes, but I wanted to print the addresses on the envelopes too.  I scanned our invitation, and used a re-sized piece of it to dress up the return address.  :)

Bridal Attire
I got my dress from David's Bridal off the clearance rack, because I desperately needed a white gown for an unrelated event.  I was very specific in my requirements, that it have no train, (I had to walk backwards in it) and be floor length, (rules, rules) $200 or less, (I was broke) and available for me to take home that night.  (I had been working for weeks on a white gown to wear, but at 2am the night before, I gave it up as a bad job.)  I got pretty close to what I needed, this dress has a small sweep train.  (I didn't trip that night though, so YAY!!)  When it came time to buy my wedding dress, I just couldn't rationalize buying another dress when I had a perfectly serviceable, and rather lovely one in my closet.  FH was most pleased to not have to buy me one.  :)  Here it is in it's original form.  Not me modeling, BTW, but she is very pretty!.  :)
To make it more "mine" I am nearly finished with an off the shoulder bright red (tango 40) wrap which extends to just below my bustline.  The top corners meet at a small crystal button that I'll permanently affix to my dress at the top center of the bodice.  Additionally, I have thin red ribbons of varying lengths pinned to the underside of the flower detail.  Red red red, LOVE it!  I'm wearing a medium petticoat underneath, so it is plenty poofy. (Like the pic)  :)  It is currently at David's again.  They are cleaning and steaming it for my FAVORITE price - FREE!  I will be adding the button and bustle Thursday night - the night before I leave for Tahoe.  LORD!  Cutting it CLOSE!  No size alterations were ever made to the  dress.  Lucky, lucky, lucky me!  :)  It was $200, although I see now it is on sale for $150 and available only online.  I don't think i could spend that kind of money and not ever try the dress on...  But I digress.  Anyway, it is a beautiful dress, and it looks great on me.  Plus with my little changes, it's more unique, and that makes me happy.  :)  I spent about $12 in material for the wrap, $5 on the button, and another $10 for a nice garment bag to protect it during the car ride.

Speaking of unique, I can't forget my wedding veil. I saw it on the internet, and it was called a "cascade" wedding veil.  A.K.A "Waterfall" wedding veil, and remarkably similar to an "Angel cut" wedding veil.  I wanted it.  Badly!  From bridal salons, I found them waltz to floor length from about $150-$230.  (David's Bridal didn't carry one.)  I found a few on eBay, and one lady who did custom work who would do it, trimmed in red, for $52, plus $15 shipping and handling.  After watching a tutorial, a lot of research, and realizing the cost of the materials, my best friend and I made it together.  Cost?  $2.49/yd, using 2 yards of fabric.  $1.99 got the ribbon.  No pattern.  Sweet! It took nearly 2 hours (no breaks) to pin all the ribbon to the edges, but the result is stunning, all the way to the floor!  If you're interested in how I made it (did I mention, without a pattern???) you can find my post here:
photo (6)

So, with all that red in my dress and veil, I HAD to have red shoes too!!  My little MOH and I got matching shoes, this is us on our 1st day, breaking them in.  (Payless $14.99/pair)

And of course here are my flowers too!  In your mind, substitute pink for red.  :)  MOH will have the same bouquet, just a little smaller.  Both will be hand-tied with white ribbon.  :) A close friend of mine has been doing flowers for weddings for a few years now.  For 2 rose and carnation bouquets, 2 rose boutineers, a basket-full of red and white petals, 7 wristlet corsages- one in each color (red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, gold and silver) and one boutineer in orange...  $60.  He is AWESOME.
photo (1)
My little maid
My daughter, who is 11, will be my only bridesmaid.  So by default, that makes her my MOH .  :)  By having only child attendants, we saved some cost for us (flowers and the like) as well as for our friends who don't have to worry about tux rentals, or buying dresses.  :)  Here is my baby, pictured with my niece, who is the flower girl.  Both dresses we got online for $50 each from  Annie's was an extra $10, because she got the largest size they had.)  I think they match the style of my dress amazingly!  Plus, my daughter is a Jobie, so she will get a lot of wear out of that dress.  She has already worn it twice.  :)
FH will be wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a red tie. (All previously owned, since he joined the Masonry.)  My sons (his best man and ring bearer) will match in black pants (Wal-mart $15) white long-sleeved dress shirts (Wal-mart $8) and red ties (Wal-Mart $7 each)
Our other "attendants"
We are also being attended by 9 other wonderful, amazing people who we are truly blessed to have in our lives.  We asked them to be "Color Bearers".  They will be a part of the bridal procession, led by my mother who is representing Blue.  They will, however be seated with the rest of our witnesses.  I told them all that they could wear whatever they liked.  Most have jumped up and declared that they want to wear their color.  :)  I am not complaining at all.  I think it's really cool!

Instead of having a handfasting cord already braided using colors we want to bring into our marriage, we are having each color bearer come up, read a little blessing based upon the meaning of the color, and placing a ribbon of that color on our joined hands.  When all 9 have presented, then our old cord, the one we were bound together a year and a day before the wedding with, will be added to the others.  Then they will all be tied together as one.  (The white with the criss-crossing is our original one.  It is currently still tied in it's knot.)
In addition, I wanted to make something special for each one of them.  They are NEARLY finished.  Here are two that are done, save a coat of finisher on them.  :)
color pieces
They will walk down the aisle with these, and on the back their blessings are written.  That way they can hold them up, and read off the back, and then take them home and hang them on the wall as a keepsake.  I'm thinking about making a second set, slightly smaller, for me to keep and hang up as a group at my house.  We'll see.  :)

They are made of a 6X6 ceramic tile ($1.28 from Lowe's) white ribbon ($1.99 from JoAnn's) colored ribbon I bought for the handfasting cords (also $1.99 from JoAnn's) A jar of high-gloss Mod Podge ($5.99 from Hobby Lobby before a 40% discount) a sponge brush (pack of 6 $1.39- Hobby Lobby), a can of Spray Acrylic finisher ($7.99 before a 40% discount at Hobby Lobby), and a bottle of Gorilla Glue (Wal-Mart $7.99)  And of course, ordinary printer paper and the ink from my printer, which I already had.  :)

This is my second attempt, the first one was a COLOSSAL failure.  But the end result is worth it.  :)
A one of a kind ring
With a center stone that has been in my family for 200 years, and 16 matched faceted stones my grandfather bought for my grandmother, having a custom ring done for me was the only option.  I L-O-V-E my ring!  The plain (although twisted) wedding band matches FH's simple plain band, in feel, and finish.  He is very happy with his ring, and I think they look lovely together! As far as the cost of the ring... err...  well.  it was a fraction of the ring's value, since we really only paid out for the cost of his time and workmanship.  I was happy with that.  This and the cost of the venue were the only things that really put a strain on our budget.  :)
Get your Programs!
Every time I say the word "handfasting" a lot of people ask what that is.  After I designed our programs (based on the design of our invitations) I felt like they were missing something, a little humor, which we will be interjecting into our self-written (cut and pasted form various places all over the internet) ceremony.  Oh, and FH HATED the programs.  A waste of money, he called them.  (Or rather, ink, since I already had both the paper and ink...)  So I redid them, making them twice as long, informative, and kinda funny.  FH is well pleased now, and so am I!  :)  My father, who is intolerant of non-Christian religions, and (annoyingly) looks down on Paganism in particular, is placated by our ceremony which while secular, is not really pointed at any particular religion at all.  Showing him our little booklet made him step back and say, "Oh?  THAT'S why?  Well, that's kinda cool."  Yes, yes it is!  :)


To anyone is is wondering what the "very important thing" is that happens after we become man and wife...  We're hoping that most people will think that is means our first kiss.  But they would be wrong.  Our officiant will say, "I now pronounce you man and wife!  You may now update your facebook statuses."  Lauren will produce our phones from his pockets, and we'll quick change our status to married.  THEN we can kiss and recess.  NO ONE knows we're doing this - save ya'll.  Not even the officiant.  He won't know until we give him the 2nd script after the rehearsal.  :)  Other surprises we have in store... The Groom walking down the aisle to the "Imperial March,"  Before it switches to "The Wedding Song" like it says in the program.  Our last real surprise is our vows.  During rehearsal, I will go first.  When we do it for real, we're both going to start talking at the same time.  Both our vows start with "So this one time at the SCA..."  (no idea what comes next in his though!)  we will both stop, prompt the other to go first, and then play rock-paper scissors to see who goes first.  (Both of us are Live Action Role Players)  In the event that it takes too long (we tie a lot) one of us will start throwing the same choice repeatedly and let the other win - we're just doing it for fun and a laugh.  :)  I forsee laughter, and more than a few *facepalms* in our future.
Important extras...
The flower girl basket I found at Wal-Mart the previous Easter for $5.  The pillow I found at a little hole in the wall bridal shop. $7  I bought white and red silk roses, and some baby's breath from JoAnn's. With the 50% off sale, it added up to about $20.  With the hot glue gun I already had, I prettied them up!  :)

next is a gift from my parents, from Things Remembered.  I was very very, very happy (but not surprised at all!) to receive this.  Of course we ran down right away to have it engraved.  We are currently debating whether or not to decorate them with red ribbons...  The flutes are not engraved right now.  We will have them done as our first anniversary gift to each other.  :)  The Christmas ornament... at Christmastime.  :)
See the little scrolls?  Remind you of our invitations?  We think it does!  :)
The Cake!
So, we decided to go with cupcakes, not only to save a pretty penny, but to be a little more offbeat.  Of course, then we found out that it (like the twisted handfasting rope design of my ring) is the trendy "in" thing to do.  Oh well, it will still be cool!  :)  We had to provide our own stand (because I didn't like the one the baker had) and our own wrappers (she thought I could save a few $$ there).  The stand Is SUPER steady, and completely reusable.  I ebayed it for $35 plus shipping.  The wrappers I got at, but since then, i have seen them at Michaels.  They were about $3 per swirly package (I needed 2) and about $2 for a pack of 75 wrappers.  25 red, 25 white, and 25 Blue.  All hail the 4th of July!  (Plus shipping.)  Then I picked up my cake topper from, $12 plus shipping.  When everything arrived, I put it all together, and put on 30 wrappers so see how full the stand would be.  I only put on a few of the swirly black wrappers, I was afraid I would tear them taking them back apart, so I only did enough to get an idea of how our "cake" will look.  Isn't it fantastic?
The cakes are all almond cakes with fresh strawberry filling.  They are frosted with cocoa frosting, and each topped with 1/2 a strawberry, cut roughly in the shape of a heart.  :)  The top cake will be the same, but the sides will all be frosted with white buttercream.  Then some of the 6 extra black swirly wrappers will be put together and scallop all around the top cake.  At the base of the top cake, all these paper wrappers will be connected using a red satin ribbon.  On the top will be the topper, of course!  But it will be surrounded by a ring of those heart shaped strawberries.  YUM!!!
Okay, so we're married!  Where's the proof???
Not being married by a "professional" (our friend is officiating!) we knew he wasn't going to have a certificate for us.  So I found one I kinda liked online, and used it as inspiration to make my own!  I'm VERY pleased with the result!  You have NO idea how long all that knotwork took.  SO worth it though!  I'll have it printed on Monday.  The cost should be about $5.
These I found at  They were a touch over $1 each.  We will be wrapping them in tulle, held closed with a bit of red ribbon.  They will be set out on all the tables at the reception.  No burning allowed though.  Boo.
photo (2)
Wait!  Where's the
Every wedding needs a guestbook, right?  Well, with our wedding being so intimate, we would only use a page or 2.  What a waste!  Instead, One of my ladies has been tasked with having our guest cards signed.  These will be either scanned and printed or glued (not sure which!) into our wedding album.  (From  Each card will have a wish for us (signed in archival ink) as well as their name.  Sounds like a great guestbook to me!  The cards I made were (again!) based on our invitations.  I'm having them printed (if they get wet, the ink will run like crazy!  I anticipate printing to be about $25.  About the same as a guestbook, but This I like MUCH better!
Escort Card jpeg
I can't think of anything else really, other than BS lil stuff I'm trying to make happen.  but it's 3:30 in the am here, so I'm for bed.  Hope all your wedding plans are going as well as mine!  :)
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