.LIBERATED.WOMAN. (liberatedwoman) wrote in weddingplans,

Does it bring bad luck to show your fiance your decoration ideas?

Hi girls, I'm getting married in May this year, and I'm fighting against the time to plan my wedding. I've been lucky in finding a location, some friend's house, which helped us a lot in saving money! We have a very tight budget, but nothing that will stop us to create the most magical moment of our lives.
I am very superstitious and for sure I won't be sharing the design of my dress, which I found at SnowyBridal.com, and I hope it is not a scam, I can't believe the price of my dress!! But I'd like to share with my husband-to-be the decoration things I've found today when I went to look for some ideas with a friend. Is it going to bring us bad luck for our marriage if I do so? I really would love his eye and input on some of the decoration.
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