Nicki (dancing_ghost) wrote in weddingplans,

My husband and I got married in September, and one of our guests is getting married in two weeks. He lives about 100 miles away from us, so he traveled to our wedding and spent quite a bit of money on our gifts. He is a lot more well off than we are. After spending the money to travel to his wedding, we won't have very much money to spend on his gift - probably less than half what he spent on us. I'm feeling really uncomfortable about it. I'm starting to feel like we should have declined the invitation and spent the gas money on a better gift, even though I know that being there is more important, and if the roles were reversed, I would have cared way more about his presence than about what kind of gift he got us. Should I be collecting all the pennies from the couch and scraping together everything I can to try to get a better gift, or should I just not worry about it? If he hadn't spent so much on us, I wouldn't be worrying about it at all. I just feel like he set the standard and we need to meet it. :/
Tags: gifts
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