mia wallace. (champagnexdream) wrote in weddingplans,
mia wallace.

Engagement Photos!

Hi WPers!

Just a reminder, I'm Jen. Haven't been posting much here, but I'm an avid reader! Here are the couple posts I've made that are most relevant, probably:

Progress Post #1

I'll probably do another progress post 200 days out or so, but not too much has changed! I did get my dress but it's a little small at the moment sooo I'll post a pic whenever it fits (hopefully sometime this summer)!

Josh (FH) and I had our engagement photos done over the weekend. The full album is here, but I thought I'd share a few with you guys here too. :o)

This one will likely be on our Save the Date:

Sorry for the bajillion pics, I just love them so much. Thanks for reading/viewing! :o)
Tags: engagement photos
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