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Bridal Shower Registry?

Hi WPers!

So my FH and I don’t have a traditional registry – we have one set up at Honeyfund for our honeymoon. However, my bridesmaids are throwing me a shower and I have no idea what to do about that! It’d be super awkward for everyone to just show up with money, but then again I don’t really need a lot of household things. We don’t have a house yet, and our apartment really has everything it needs.

What I really would like is just some things to bring/wear on our honeymoon, etc. I really need some lingerie but that’s weird to me to open in front of a lot of people.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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Apr. 14th, 2014 06:06 pm (UTC)
Are they sending out invites to the shower? Is it possible to place the link to the Honeyfund?
Apr. 14th, 2014 06:12 pm (UTC)
Yes and yes, but I just feel like it's really awkward to open money at a shower, you know? IDK. :-/
Apr. 14th, 2014 06:19 pm (UTC)
Well, if you provide the link to the honeyfund they should be able to contribute on the site and maybe provide you will a certificate of that contribution at your shower.
Apr. 15th, 2014 12:32 pm (UTC)
Thank you. ♥ You've been extremely helpful. And I love your icon. JLaw!
Apr. 14th, 2014 10:41 pm (UTC)
I would register at a place like Target that has things for you, plus things for the home, and also little odds & ends. I'm sure you could fill up a registry with things you could use for your honeymoon & travel in general, plus just a few fun things for your home, car, office, etc that you maybe wouldn't purchase yourself. Honestly, if someone does one of those honeymoon fund things, I completely ignore it, so someone like me would love to be able to get you *schtuff*.
Apr. 14th, 2014 11:06 pm (UTC)
This. Also, consider registering for nicer versions of stuff you have, or for things that you don't need now but know you'll need someday when you have a house. (I really hate when people ask for cash, and at a shower especially, I'd always give an actual gift -- if you don't give people gift ideas, they'll just get whatever and you'll probably end up with a lot of stuff you really don't like.)
Apr. 15th, 2014 12:33 pm (UTC)
Thank y'all so much, we will probably end up doing this. I may even leave just our Honeyfund link on our website and have my MoH include the other one (to Target or wherever) in the shower invitations.
Apr. 15th, 2014 08:33 pm (UTC)
this is great advice :)

I never EVER give money either, so I appreciate at least having an idea of the couple's taste and I can do that from a registry.
Apr. 15th, 2014 01:11 am (UTC)
For my sister's shower, it was a Honeymoon themed shower. So, everyone got her a gift she would use on her honeymoon. Maybe you can suggest that to your bridesmaids?
Apr. 15th, 2014 12:34 pm (UTC)
Oh man, if we were still going to Europe I would love that but we since decided on a cruise and it doesn't fit with the theme of the shower at all LOL. The shower will be in October so they want to do kind of romantic/Victorian Gothic theme or something similar. If it was in the summer I'd be all about it! But maybe I can still register for things that could be useful on the honeymoon. Thank you so much!
Apr. 15th, 2014 03:20 pm (UTC)
My niece is also registered with a Honeyfund-type site for her wedding registry, and that's all they listed on the invitations for her bridal shower. I don't think it would be weird or awkward for your guests to show up with either cash/a certificate or any other gift they'd like to get you. Just my two cents. :)
Apr. 15th, 2014 03:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
Apr. 16th, 2014 01:57 pm (UTC)
I definitely feel you need to register for a few things as not everyone feels comfortable or has the ability to give a cash gift. Even if your shower theme isn't travel, that doesn't mean that your gifts can't be travel based. Travel bags, luggage, carry ons, etc., can all be registered for and at different price points. On the invites your MOH can put that your registry is travel centric and if they would like to give you cash via Honeyfund they can do that and here is the link.

Also, I have never experienced anyone opening just an envelope at a shower/party. Normally you give out a general, "also thank you to all who gave a monetary gift or donated to Honeyfund, we so appreciate your generosity." At least that's how it is done in my circle.
Apr. 16th, 2014 02:04 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the advice! I went ahead and started a registry on Amazon that will just be for the shower. :o)
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