lucidxlunacy (lucidxlunacy) wrote in weddingplans,

Save the Dates

We're falling a bit behind in terms of wedding planning and it's looking like sending out Save-the-Dates isn't really going to work. I'm not really upset about it, they were always kind of an optional thing to me anyway, but my fiance thinks it might matter. I'm also in favor of not wasting money on something I don't care much about AND not having to rush to do something that doesn't matter to me at the expense of time to work on things that do matter.

I think the best option is to actually pick up a phone and talk to people. All our friends are aware of the date anyway, but we could check in with those we don't talk to as often to remind them. Our parents can help with similarly reminding family we're not in touch with as often. I think as long as our wedding website is done so there's a place to point people to for more information, the phone call is just as good as a card in the mail.

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