Caroline (veiled_static) wrote in weddingplans,

Name and/or LJ userID: veiled_static
Wedding Date: April 2015
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
Age: 26
City/State/Country you live in: Rural IL
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Prague
Your song/First Dance song: ?
Wedding Colors: ?
Formality: ?
Theme (if you have one): ?
Number of guests: 25-30
How'd you meet your fiance?: at school
How long have you been together?: 6 years
Do you have a personal wedding website?: nope
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? yep :)
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I have never dreamed about my wedding, so now that it's coming up I have no idea what I want! This includes the dress.

On one side, I love how the tighter fitting dresses look (va-va voom!) but they are uncomfortable to move around in and dancing would not be easy. The A-line/ball gown made of english net is so light and comfortable and romantic - but I can't help but think it doesn't look as good. My family is completely unhelpful so I am asking here for opinions. Or am I just over-thinking something that should be straight forward, haha.


This looks like a great community and I look forward to being a part of it!
Tags: dresses
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