~*~Becky~*~ (doeeyedbecky) wrote in weddingplans,

Stainless steel wedding bands/sets?

Has anyone ever used stainless steel wedding bands/sets instead of more 'traditional' metals?

I'm HARD on my hands, being disabled. It's nothing for me to have chipped/cracked/rough nails, cuts, scratches, etc. (Right now, I have 5 marks on my right hand, 1 mark and 2 sore nails on the left hand) I would HATE for my ering to get broken or bent because of my hands.

FH says he's totally willing to trade in my current ering (a marquise solitaire in 10K white gold) for a setting in stainless steel, but he doesn't want to go and have us do this if the stainless steel doesn't hold up like the 10k gold is.

Tags: rings, traditions
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