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Interesting Article to Discuss

Hi all!

I got married two years ago so I haven't been very active in the community lately, but I saw this article and thought it might be interesting to discuss.

"Huge Engagement Rings Show the World You're More Likely to Divorce

Huge Engagement Rings Show the World You're More Likely to Divorce

Don't be fooled by a diamond as big as the Ritz: Scientists say that enormous engagement rings are not a predictor of a flawless, Pinterest-perfect life together. If anything, a rock that cost as much as a European vacation is a predictor for divorce. Try not to cluck ominously the next time someone thrusts a couple of carats under your nose."

The rest is here: http://jezebel.com/huge-engagement-rings-show-the-world-youre-more-likely-1643820961

What does everyone think?


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Oct. 9th, 2014 03:38 am (UTC)

I'm not at all surprised by this. My fiancé and I got engaged while talking in bed - decided mutually upon it cause we were obviously going to anyway. The next day he bought me a $1 ring that turned my skin green. A week or two later I got a $5 H&M ring. Maybe about a month later we got a "real" one, it's moonstone I think (not a diamond fan) and was only $100. I'm perfectly fine with this. I love him, not his money (he's just a high school teacher lol, and I'm unemployed). I used to really want a nice ring, huge wedding, etc until I realized I just love him and money saved can be better spent on stuff like traveling someday or buying a house (his parents are paying for the wedding thank god).

My theory of why divorce is so common nowadays, which I thought of several years ago before I even met him, is that people get married for the wedding, not the marriage. Weddings are awesome, jewelry is pretty, but if you don't truly love each other, what's the point? I know lots of people do it for a variety of reasons beyond love, but I couldn't. As a child of divorce whose single mom was married three times in her life, I knew I could never marry anyone unless I was absolutely sure they were (fuck, cliché) "the one."

I'm as grossly materialistic as the next person, but I still care about my relationship more. And I'd rather have a house someday than a really expensive ring. :P

Oct. 9th, 2014 04:01 pm (UTC)
DH spent $3500 on my ring, and our wedding was around $25k (no debt!!). Guess we're getting divorced. ;)

Honestly, I would've been totally happy with a $5 ring and a $1k wedding, which may make the difference. Marriage to us isn't about the "bling" of a ring and an expensive wedding, despite actually having had those things. If they're trying to draw a correlation between materialism and a marriage falling apart, I think they're on the right track with this study, but it obviously doesn't cover everyone.
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