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Wedding Pictures!

After our wedding on November 9, 2013 I did a quick little post with a few guest based photos taken on our wedding day.  Our photographer (who is also my brother) recently posted a bunch of pictures on his website for us to share with the world.  Of course I have about 800 other pictures to go through before I figure out what I want to share, but this link will take you to the photos of our amazing wedding day!

Recap:  Whistler Canada wedding.  94 guests.  Goal was to create a warm and cozy kind of feel to our wedding day, and we were successful.  Our ceremony was right in front of a huge roaring fireplace (our celebrant had to ask us to move forward as her "buns were burning".  Our ceremony space was snug, but it made it so everyone could be closer to us.  It rained.  Yeah....wasn't thrilled with that.  But we made do with big umbrellas.  They ended up making it so we got some great photos!

Anyway, if you are interested, click on the link below!  I promise it won't take up much of your time  :)

Teaser picture (sorry if it is huge!):


Like most brides, I do have some regrets about having a few shots that our photographer didn't get.  But I'm doing my best to focus on all the other really good ones instead!


MOH Woes / Am I Being a Jerk?

Hi WPers! I’m having an issue with one of my Maids of Honor (I have two because I have two best friends and they live on different sides of the country, so the one I’m having the issue with is one I expected to help me with a lot of the in-town stuff, and she agreed) and I was wondering how you all would handle it.

Bridezilla, y/n?Collapse )

Any advice or smacks back to reality would be greatly appreciated. ♥ Thanks in advance.
There've been a couple of weddings where I've not been invited as a +1 to a wedding where my partner was (quite good) friends with one or both of the couple. Mind you, we've been in a relationship since 2009 and engaged since July 2012. I found it really rude that I wasn't invited. Would it now be rude if I said no to inviting a +1 to those friends? It feels a little childish, but sometimes...I just want to immature.

+1 Ettiquite?

Hello everyone. Just a quick recap, Im getting married in October of this year. We have a lot of things already set- our venue, my dress, photographer, food and cupcakes :) But still have a lot to do.. Mainly we havent set our guest list yet. Im having a bit of a dilemma when it comes to adding +1s. There are a few of my friends that are dating people that I cant stand, and others that are single but might not know that many people at the wedding, and others who are in committed relationships with people Ive never met. How are you guys handling these scenarios? Also.. for those of you who are sending out save-the-dates, are you sending them to everyone or just the people that will have to travel for the wedding? Thanks everyone!

Progress Post and Guest Drama

With 82 days until our wedding, we are a little behind, but we are confident we'll get everything done. I still have to find a florist, as I was going back and forth for the longest time on whether or not I wanted flowers, but I couldn't think up a good alternative. I was originally going to get them from our local supermarket, but our cake designer is rather finicky and I don't know how well that would go over with him. For the amount of money we've put into the cake, the last thing I want to do is upset him.

We are still looking for our rehearsal dinner location, which hit a few snags when his mom kept adding people to the guest list. We got emails back from two places that look promising.

After having some issues with our hotel room block, we finally got that all settled.

His ring is in. Mine is still on its way. This is my ring.

We're in the last bit of addressing and assembling the invitations, and that is where I hit some drama.

Drama Under HereCollapse )

Jan. 28th, 2014

Wedding Date: Most likely Fall 2015. We would like it sooner, but it doesn't look like it will be possible.
Bride/Groom/Otherw (please specify): Bride
Age: 29, will be 31 by then
City/State/Country you live in: Upstate NY
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Same
Your song/First Dance song:Not sure yet
Wedding Colors:I know I want a dark red, not sure what else
Theme (if you have one):Woodsy
Number of guests: We want it under 100, but most likely 120
How'd you meet your fiance?: He worked at a bar next door to my parents house, I had too much to drink and kissed him
How long have you been together?: Almost 6 years
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? Yes
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I'm probably going to have a lot of questions and will take any suggestions, especially about cutting costs.

Hi everyone! I was in this community a million (8) years ago when I was engaged and now I come to you as a bridesmaid.

Our darling bride wants us in pink knee length chiffon. This won't look good on 99% of the world, but oh well, whatever she wants.

However, the favorite dresses are these two from J. Crew but they're pricy. Anyone here looking at the same dresses and found something cheaper?


Thank you!

Jan. 3rd, 2014

Hi everyone! My fiance just proposed to me on Christmas eve. My ring was too small and is currently being resized, which makes me a little sad, but I'll have to post a picture when I get it back. Anyway, I'm already neck-deep in planning, so I'm really looking forward to getting advice and input here!

Name and/or LJ userID: Amber
Wedding Date: 09/28/14 (probably...will know for sure next week)
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): bride
Age: 27
City/State/Country you live in: Nashville, TN
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Nashville
Your song/First Dance song: I think we're actually not going to have dancing. I'm looking into alternative entertainment ideas. I'm really uncomfortable with the idea of all those people staring at me while I attempt to dance, and I just decided I really don't want to do anything I'm uncomfortable with on my wedding day. Plus, I know my dad would be just as, if not more so, uncomfortable as me for the father/daughter dance, and my fiance's mother is deceased. It'll probably be a Sunday afternoon anyway, so no crazy rager needed :)
Wedding Colors: Undecided, but I'm leaning toward blues and greens with a little yellow. My plan is to do as little decorating as humanly possible, so I'm choosing a venue that won't require much.
Formality: casual-ish. My family would still get dressed up even if I requested casual dress, and I'm going to have a long lacy number on. The reception itself will not be formal in any way though. We're not formal people.
Theme (if you have one): Vintage, but laid-back Southern style. I love lace and I have a lot of cute DIY ideas that look vintage (thank you, Pinterest). We're also having the wedding at a historical house.
Number of guests: Probably less than 100. We have a small group of friends and co-workers we're inviting. I have a large family, but I know a lot of them won't be able to come. My fiance's family is all out-of-state so only a few of them will make it.
How'd you meet your fiance?: Heh. Myspace. Back when that was thing. We chatted online and talked on the phone for several months and then decided to go ahead and meet. Instant sparkage.
How long have you been together?: Almost 6 years. We met in April.
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet, I'm waiting until I have the venue booked and the date is official.
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? yup!
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: We've been discussing marriage for about 4-5 years now, so this has been a long time coming. I'm excited to officially be engaged and start this planning process! Also, browsing through some of the posts here, it's nice to see lots of other people who dated for a long time before getting engaged. It's very unusual around here where I live, and it seems like it's a rarity on other online forums I've visited. I feel like a lot of people I know (even some family members) judge my relationship for it, which is frustrating.

Pictures of the venue I'm hoping to get!Collapse )
It turns out when you get married 3 weeks into your last year in graduate school, it takes you a while to get your stuff together to make an update post! But finally, almost two months later, we have pictures.

Gratuitious Wedding PhotodumpCollapse )

We had a great day! The photography was provided for the price of a plane ticket by my good friend Cat, of Photography by Cat who came to Minnesota from the bay area. I highly recommend her! She is tons of fun! The staff at the Afton House was great, and of course the coordinator at Bethlehem Lutheran in Bayport was amazing! So that was my wedding day!



**EDIT** argh, i cannot get the cut to work on this.  I'm cut challenged apparently.  I'm doing it in visual editor.  Any advice on what I am doing wrong?**

SO, my wedding was this past weekend and it was amazeballs!  It seriously went better than I could have ever hoped for.  Everything ran smoothly, there were no hiccups (that I knew about) and I got to marry my best friend...oh and have a big party as well!  It rained on our day, which is hugely ironic considering we had picked Whistler (in Canada) as a venue because in the fall it doesn't rain much there....but the weather in our hometown on that day was beautiful.  Go figure.  But it didn't dampen spirits at all.  We just bought some big umbrellas and went stomping around in the rain and snow for our pictures.  The ceremony was a blur, the reception even more of a blur because it all went by so fast.  I tried to do my best to take it all in and remember the little things, but when you have so many people to talk to it becomes kind of hard to do that.  I'll have to rely on pictures to help me out.  My biggest piece of advice, if you can afford it, is to have a "day of coordinator".  Someone who will take care of all the decor set up, the vendors, the guests, any situations that come up, and it can leave you time to just relax and enjoy getting prettied up and in your dress.

We had an amazing long weekend with late nights and early starts, and part of me wishes I had taken this week off work to recover and catch up on sleep...but I've got the honeymoon in January that I can relax on!

We have only received one teaser picture from our photographer of our "first look" at one another.  The rest of the pictures I'm sharing are ones our guests took throughout the evening.

Read more...Collapse )

Bridesmaids rant. Feel free to scroll.

Between me and my fiance our wedding plans are going pretty great. But my bridesmaids are being really shitty.
I have 4 bridesmaids. My best friend from uni who is my MOH (B), then another friend from uni (J), my best friend from HS (K) and my sister (C).

B and K have been really supportive. K got married herself in August and was helping me with my own wedding plans when she was 2 weeks away from her own wedding. B quite happily drives me around to places I need to be.. helps me makes invitations, came with me to find my dress, made the BM bouquets with me.

But C and J have been no where to be seen. J has yet to come try on her bridesmaid dress, which I bought 3 months ago. Which to be fair won't fit her now anyway because she's just told me she's 6 weeks pregnant (my wedding is in April). C is just non-existent in my wedding plans, unless it's something I take to her house for her or her 2 daughters to try on.

I'm having to plan my own hen party. And pay for it. And everyone else until they give me the money.
And now J and C aren't coming. I understand J not coming because we going partying, but C is just saying she doesn't have a babysitter. My hen party is in February, and SHE LIVES WITH HER DAUGHTER'S FATHER. It feels like she's just making an excuse. It really hurts that my own sister won't come to my hen party.

I'm trying really hard not to turn into a bridezilla. I know they all have lives outside of my wedding. They have jobs and partners and kids and pregnant bellies. But I kinda feel like they just want to walk down the aisle in a pretty dress and have me spend loads of money on them and just not help me at all.

I'm kinda going through a lot right now. I have various niggling health issues, my dad died less than a year ago and they all know I'm finding it really hard to plan my wedding without him, and 2 of them (including my sister) know I'm currently going through therapy to try to deal with mood disorder that keeps rearing its ugly head.

It just gets me that I chose these 4 because they're 4 of the 5 adults (the 5th being my fiance lol) I love the most in the world, that I'm closest too and they just either don't realise that by me asking them to come with to various wedding planning appointments with me that I want them to be a part of the planning, or they just don't care.

Progress Post: 6 months and 4 days to go

Intro post here.

Previous progress post here.

I feel like I wasn't progressing at all and it feels like within the last month, we got a ton of stuff done.

More Under HereCollapse )

Wedding Porn! well sort of :)

after 8 weeks we've got our photos back from our August 24th 2013 wedding in Winnipeg Manitoba.
We had no true theme beyond things we love (Star Wars, Video Games, our Pooch Rolo the Wonderpup, and the Pittsburgh Steelers- you'll notice the black and gold just about everywhere)

Photos!Collapse )

23 Days To Go!

How the heck did I get to only 23 days until our wedding day? Time has really flown since we got engaged a year ago.  Everyone gave me a hard time about being so ahead of the game 8 months ago but they are the ones that should be laughing now as I have so much done and I am, more or less, not scrambling around.  I'm not going to say that I've been totally stress-free, as that would be a lie.  My biggest stress moment was discovering that I'm likely going to have my *ahem* "lady times" on the day of the wedding.  I'm really hoping it will end up being delayed, but I don't think my body will work in my favour.  Any tips you guys have for dealing with the changing of lady products when wearing a poofy wedding dress?

I also had my hair and makeup trial just the other week.  I love my hair, but have asked for a little more drama around the eyes.  She did as I asked and kept it natural, but after showing it to a few friends they all agreed that there could be a bit more to it as it kind of looks a bit like my every day makeup.  I will have extensions in my hair making it a bit longer as well.  Of course it'll be a little more put together on the day as it was a bit of a rush job due to my hair/makeup artist getting stuck in traffic and me having a concert to get to.  The bangs will also swoop a little more across the forehead.  Here are some pictures to see what you all think!


hair side

and a reminder about what my dress looks like sideways because i can't be bothered figuring out how to turn it around.

Progress post - 151 days to go!

Things are coming along quite nicely! I will be inviting about 200 people, though we're only expecting about 150 or so. Our colors are turquoise and purple.

Plans...Collapse )

New Member

Name and/or LJ userID: Kate
Wedding Date: 10/10/14
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): Bride
Age: 30
City/State/Country you live in: Cincinnati
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): Cincinnati
Your song/First Dance song: Rose of My Heart by Johnny Cash
Wedding Colors: Wine Red and Cream
Formality: Not very formal
Theme (if you have one): Fall
Number of guests: 100
How'd you meet your fiance?: Highschool
How long have you been together?: 2 years
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? Yes
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: I'm really excited to be planning a wedding!

Show me your...

flower girl outfits! We're having a hard time finding flower girl dresses that are a little more unique and interesting than the selection we've come across so far. This wedding party has lots of children (nieces and nephews who are very important to the couple) and the bride doesn't want the FG dresses to be an after thought like they seem to be in so many weddings (I'm helping with the planning).

Would love to see what other people have chosen for their flower girls! (Also, if you feel comfortable answering, did you pay for the dress or the FG's parents?)

ETA: If you have pics of shoes, headbands, baskets/pomanders/bouquets, etc. please post, we'd love to see the entire get up! :-)

Sep. 29th, 2013

I got married on Friday! Yay! I will make an actual post-wedding post later (probably when I get my photos) but for now, I have a question regarding vendors. I don't know if this is the best place to ask this, but I thought maybe some of you have dealt with it, so you could give me some advice on how to handle it!

We knew that the most people we would have at our wedding would be 100, so that's what we told the caterer. He quoted us for 100 people, and we paid a 50% deposit based on 100 people. The deposit we paid was $667, which included tax and gratuity. The final guest count was only 72 people, which would mean that the balance should be for 22 people, right? Well the balance he sent me was $480. I'm not a math/numbers person, but I can tell by looking at it that that's wrong.

(If it was 667 for 50 people, that's 13.34 per person, times 22 is $293.48...which is almost $200 less than what he told me I owed him.)

On top of that, there was a problem. When I initially spoke to him, I was under the impression that non of my guests had any dietary restrictions, so we didn't discuss any alternatives. Then we found out that my husband's sister recently became a vegetarian. So last week, I asked the caterer if there was anything he could do for her (we were having pulled pork). I told him that since we hadn't discussed it previously, and since it was only one person, I would be more than happy to take care of it. He insisted that it would be fine, that he would bring her a pasta dish.

Well, the man we made all the arrangements with didn't even come to the reception (when he assured us he would be there) and when we asked about the pasta dish, his (very rude) employees acted like we were crazy. So my SIL ate corn on the cob for dinner.

The guy sent me the balance via email about two hours before the wedding and said to pay them that night. They left without even speaking to me, so they didn't get paid. Should I just send him the correct balance and be done with it? Or should I demand some sort of compensation for the missing pasta? Thanks in advance for any advice you have for me!

Fortunately, everyone else we worked with was great, and they'll be getting all kinds of good reviews from me.


I have a question about Wedding Guests

My fiance and I decided that our cap is 125 guests. We want a small, intimate wedding comprising of family and friends that are close to us. We pretty much have it finalized of who we are going to invite. Where we are having our reception has in the package a complimentary bridal shower that needs to be 50 guests or less; and from our lists we have it just under 50.

Tonight my future sister-in-law (she's not in the bridal party) told us to invite her parents and to remember to invite her mom to the bridal shower. Her parents did not make our final list. I didn't know how to handle it, but just politely stated that we were having small wedding with the people closest to us.

How does one handle being told to invite guests that one does not have room on their guest list for or aren't close enough to invite?

I found THE DRESS!

I went to David's Bridal with my best friend today (she needed to try on/order her bridesmaid dress and I just wanted to try a few dresses on). I wasn't planning on finding "the one" today since I want my mom and sisters to be there for that moment. I put one dress on..and INSTANTLY knew it was the one for me. I'm keeping it a secret until I take my mom and sisters sometime in October..but I absolutely love it and didn't want to take it off. I think it's PERFECT for our outdoor, nighttime July ceremony and it matches the bridesmaid dresses pretty well too.

Here comes the bride..Collapse )

forgetting the marriage license!

Does anyone know what would happen if someone was not able to get a marriage license in time for their wedding?  This wedding has been planned for a year, thousands of dollars spent, and then the groom misplaces a document needed and the couple is not able to apply for their marriage license in time for the ceremony.  Do you think the officiant would still let them go through with the ceremony and let them worry about getting the actual marriage license later or would that not be legal? If it matters, this is in TN.  (It's not me, btw, but a relative and he may get his document in time to apply but I'm just curious what happens if he doesn't)

Intro post

Name and/or LJ userID: arymabeth or Lizzy, fiancé is J
Wedding Date: March 29, 2014
Bride/Groom/Other (please specify): bride
Age: 28
City/State/Country you live in: Nashville, TN area
City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different): same
Your song/First Dance song: Possibly Kip Moore's "Hey Pretty Girl"
Wedding Colors: I guess mostly green, white, and gray? Just a spring palette in general.
Formality: somewhere between semi-formal and informal. My dress is long, but my bridesmaids' won't be.
Theme (if you have one): I've been calling it rustic vintage, since it's in an old barn.
Number of guests: expecting/hoping 130-140 to be able to make it
How'd you meet your fiance?: We met on OKCupid, then realized we worked on the same campus, so we agreed to meet up for coffee and really hit it off.
How long have you been together?: 2 years later this month
Do you have a personal wedding website?: Not yet, J is a web applications developer, so template websites make him angry. :-)
Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them? Yes
Anything else you'd like to tell us?: First, I have a major blog recommendation for anyone trying to find sanity in the middle of the wedding planning process: A Practical Wedding. Their essays, how-to's, and rants helped reassure me that it is completely possible to have a simple, sane, wedding that feels true to what matters to us. It also really helped me let go of a lot internalized guilt I had over spending any amount of money on a wedding. Between us and our parents, we've now decided on the plan for what we want to have a great celebration with our amazing families, who love us and want to support us in our marriage!

So, who wants to see pictures of what we have so far? Take a look!Collapse )

Seating of grandparents

We want to include my grandparents in the processional, but we are wondering if it could be appropriate for them to walk themselves down to the aisle to their seats. We have a shortage of men from my side of the family coming, and I don't really want to use someone from his side (a stranger), as I know my grandmother would be uncomfortable with that.

Do you think it would be terribly strange to have my grandparents walk by themselves, at the start of the processional, to their seats? Next would be my mother escorted by my brother. Then attendants, etc.

7 years ago...

So I have been out of the wedding planning part of my life for awhile, but I have stayed with this community because I love weddings so much.
Today is my 7 year wedding anniversary, and when I look back of course I could change things but really it was such a spectacular day that the little details do not even matter. We had such an amazing time celebrating that the colors, the table decorations, or even the color of the limo truly didn't matter. With that said enjoy planning your wedding, make it about yourself and you fiance, and try not to stress (too much!)

I made a post in my own journal so I will just copy and paste my photos.
Read more...Collapse )

failure to rsvp

Okay, 24 days out, hopefully this will be my last stupid question.

I have 33 people who have not RSVPed (probably 10-15 households), and the deadline was a week ago. I have called and emailed them, and they are not returning my messages. I have to give the final count to the caterer next week. Am I allowed to say, "Hey, I've tried to contact you several times. I have to give a final count to the caterer, and since I haven't heard back, I'm going to have to put you down as not attending."? I assume the reason they're avoiding me is because they're not coming anyway. But is it rude to say that? And what if, after the caterer's deadline has passed, they say, "Oh hey, I actually do want to come, my bad." I expected a lot of people to not RSVP, but I didn't expect it to be 1/4 of our guest list!
As we get closer and closer to the date (one month from today) I keep thinking of more weird detail things that I don't know how to deal with.

1. Do you set a plate for your photographer at the reception? I don't know anyone who likes having photos taken while they're eating, and I don't really care to have photos of people eating.

2. What about your officiant? Originally, I expected to have the pastor of my church officiate, in which case I intended to definitely invite him. That didn't work out. The pastor who is officiating is someone that I've not yet met. We only confirmed with her two days ago. I am beyond thankful for her because we've been panicking for weeks, unable to find someone. So it seems like a nice gesture to have her stay for dinner (and dancing if she'd like!) but I don't know if that would be weird? She wouldn't know a single person there.

3. If you had/are having a song playing from a sound system when everyone walks down the aisle, who presses play?! (To be honest, I don't even know where the iPod will be. My venue only sets up the outdoor sound system when there is an event, so I won't get to see it until then.)

4. Those of you who used an iPod, did you have someone MC? I had a friend lined up to do it, and he backed out yesterday. This is the busiest time of year for me at working; I'll likely be working 6 day weeks right up to the week before the wedding, and I just don't have time to deal with such a minor thing. I was thinking of either having a "reception program" or getting someone to record the announcements ahead of time. Ideas?

5. Last minute invites: Tacky? I absolutely had to keep my guest list under 100 people. I invited 135. Most of those people were people I was obligated to invite, and there were plenty of people who, if I'd had more room, I would have invited. The guest list is down to 75, which means I have the space now. Like I said, we're exactly a month out today. Would it be bad news to invite people at this point?

I should have a progress post tomorrow. :)

No table reception?

So this is an idea we've been pondering over. We have been considering a no-table reception. We would only have 2 or 3 set up for the older people, but otherwise just chairs for everyone else. This is mainly because we are doing a 2PM-ish reception with cookies/cupcakes and drinks - no utensils will be needed. We are also considering this route because we have to relocate my things from SC to TX, and it is looking very expensive. So we are trying to make cuts everywhere we can. Thoughts?


Why do people post ridiculous questions about stuff that they can easily find the answers to just by putting a little effort into it??!? It annoys me on Facebook as well to no end 'does anyone know where I can rent/purchase a tux?' Seriously????? Just go to google, bing, yahoo...whatever suits your fancy!!!! Be resourceful people please!!!

website for tux?

Hello everyone! Sorry for posting so much since i've joined. I really don't have anyone i can ask. I was wondering if anyone knew a reasonable priced website to order a tux for my wedding. I'm using the site dressale.com to order my wedding dress but we have no where to order a tux. anyone know of one?

She said "Yes" to the dress!

A couple weekends ago, Anne and I went to go help a mutual friend find her wedding dress. Chelsea (the bride) is on a tight budget. So, I naturally suggested "Brides Against Breast Cancer" http://www.bridesagainstbreastcancer.org When I got married, we went there, and I found a great dress for just over $400 including crinoline and sales tax. Plus, you can contribute to a great cause. After the wedding, I donated my dress back.

We went early and hung out, met vendors etc. Then came the moment where we all got to rush into the fray, myself, Anne, Chelsea and her mom. Each bride is only allowed to try on three dresses at a time. Chelsea had a color and style in mind, and gave us all pictures so we knew what to look for.

We were the first ones to the fitting rooms. With my Ren Faire experience, I easily laced Chelsea in and out of dresses. As she would reject dresses, Anne or I would then run out and go looking for more that fit the requirements.

Half way through, we saw a girl in a dress that fit Chelsea's requirements... we stalked her from afar but gave up the chase when it looked like she was going to buy it. An hour later towards the end of the day when most girls were done, I did one last walk through of the racks, and found... THE DRESS!! The one that we thought the girl was going to buy!

I grab it, went running back to the fitting rooms. We laced Chelsea in, fluffed the dress, held up mirrors, threw a veil on to complete the look... and she said YES to the dress!!

It's a Maggie Sottero that we got for only $800. Turns out, that dress had been originally pulled for a celebrity fitting, however, it had accidentally been taken out to the racks by one of the volunteers. So, hooray! Chelsea has her dress and $200 under budget.

Dress under the cutCollapse )


Wedding Plans

Rules Reminder

Please remember to read the community rules, located at the community profile. Pay particular attention to image sizes, how and when to use an LJ cut, and that we expect mutual respect of one another. Offenders will be warned and, if necessary, banned. If you have any questions, please contact a moderator.


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