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Wedding Plans

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Welcome to the Weddingplans Community! This is a community for LiveJournal users trying to plan a wedding. We are open to anyone that wishes to discuss wedding plans, ways to save money, bargains, helpful planning websites etc.

Please be considerate to the other members of this community and follow these rules that the community votes on:
  1. Brides/grooms must be 18 years of age or older. In the US, individuals under 18 years of age cannot enter into a legal contract such as marriage without parental consent (in most states). As such, we ask that our members have reached the age of majority if they are planning a wedding. This rule does NOT apply to those who are participating in a wedding (bridesmaid, groomsman, etc.) If the bride/groom is a citizen of another country, they should meet their country's legal requirements. If there is any confusion, please contact a moderator.

  2. Discrimination or generalizations, of any kind (based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, ethnicity, weight, gender, etc.) will not be tolerated in this community. This should not require an explanation.

  3. Treat fellow members with respect, even if their opinions are different from yours. You are more than welcome to express your reasons as to why something "is not your style," but please respect others' preferences. We all come from different regional, religious, ethnic and financial backgrounds. This community is open to gay/lesbian couples, therefore we ask that our members keep an open mind. Acknowledge that others may think differently and be gracious about it when someone else challenges your opinion or the way you expressed it. If you cannot discuss the issue in a calm, rational manner, then do not respond. Anyone caught personally attacking another member will be warned on the first and second offense, then banned on the third.

  4. Do not ask for/offer software, books, fonts, etc. for free when they are not actually free items! We do not tolerate the piracy of these items. Unless it is legally offered by the author/developer for free, it's against the rules to ask for it or provide it. This includes torrents, links, etc. This is a zero-tolerance policy! It IS acceptable to ask for or share legally free alternatives.

  5. Do not delete other people's comments to your posts. People are always going to disagree with you. In addition, if you feel someone's comment is out of line, take it up with a moderator. Moderators cannot see what you delete so appropriate action cannot be taken. Do not post to the community with comments disabled. This does not foster a community of open dialogue.

  6. Discussion or depiction of illegal activities is not permitted here. LiveJournal has become rather strict in enforcement of it's TOS as of late, and we do not want to risk that weddingplans is in violations of the TOS. As such, discussion or depiction of illegal activities is not permitted here. This includes underage drinking, drinking and driving, illicit drug use, etc. This rule is not open for discussion.

  7. We will ask you to delete any post that is off-topic. All discussions must involve wedding planning. You may talk about how wonderful your fiancé is or how nasty your future mother-in-law is, but it must be in relation to wedding planning. Some great communities for the general discussion of in-laws, fiances, and relationships not wedding-planning related: engagedemotions, engaged2married, marriage_plans, datinandrelatin and stuck_with_them. If you are hoping to get advice on weight-loss for your wedding, check out notafatbride. While we tolerate some venting in WP, weddingvents is a great community if you're just looking to blow off steam.

    Do NOT post pictures of your animals unless they are going to be in your wedding! If you think your post might even remotely be off-topic hide it behind a LJ-cut. If you have a question or concern about how the community is run or clarification of the rules, please take it up with a moderator instead of making a new post in the community.

  8. We will also ask you to either delete or add more information to "one-line squees." We want to hear more information about your wedding planning than just one line about how your dress arrived!

  9. Please keep all updates in your original post! This is particularly important if the original post was posted within the last couple of days. With the amount of traffic in this community, it is important to keep the community uncluttered and free of unnecessary new posts.

  10. No commercial postings of any kind! If you're showing off your invitations, dress, craftiness or recommending a vendor, that's more than welcome. If you're hoping to make cash off your post in weddingplans, please do not post. We do not tolerate posts made for personal gain. This means you should not post about an eBay auction you have created or try to sell us your services as a florist, photographer, musician, wedding consultant or any other position. This also includes trying to sell things you purchased yourself that you no longer have any use for (as well as doing so for your friends or family). If you have auctions or services you wish to advertise please refer to weddings_4_sale.

  11. If you're in a contest, please do not post in weddingplans to try get others to vote for you. We have to be fair and either disallow this entirely or let the community be overrun with people asking for votes for themselves or friends. We've chosen to disallow it entirely in order to be fair to everyone. We can't allow one person to do it and then not let someone else do it. Yes, it might be wedding related, but unfortunately it's not appropriate here. This rule also applies to click-through schemes.

  12. If drama errupts in the comments of a post, keep it in the comments! Any community post made to fuel the drama will be deleted, no warnings.

  13. Put all large pictures (bigger than 400 pixels on any side), multiple images and long posts behind an LJ-cut tag.

  14. Please do not use an icon containing profanity or pornography when posting or commenting in this community. Also, please refrain from the over-use of profanity in your posts or comments. We understand the need to vent about some things from time to time, but if you post a vent/rant with extreme language, please hide it behind a LJ-cut tag with a warning. Please do not post or link to content containing nudity (this should really go without saying). These rules are to keep weddingplans a respectful and harassment-free forum.

  15. As a matter of common courtesy, we ask that all members please stick to using the default font style, size, and color and avoid over-using netspeak and formatting when posting in this community. We want all members to be able to easily read what's posted and using custom colors and fonts can cause issues with other members' layouts.

  16. If you are posting a negative review of a vendor, we recommend that you have the courtesy to notify the vendor of your experience and inform them you will be reviewing them negatively on the internet BEFORE you make your post. If you do not, we cannot guarantee it will not get back to them somehow. We will not be held accountable if that occurs and weddingplans is not responsible for any fallout or drama that may arise from this. It is always a good practice to assume that anything posted online can and will get back to the person you have posted it about. weddingplans is a community with open membership, meaning anyone can join. Even if you friends lock that post, that will not prevent it from being available to the public.

  17. Do not contact vendors regarding other people's negative experiences. If we find out you have done this, you will be immediately banned from the community. Yes, we can often find this out. Technology is a beautiful thing.

  18. A list of all community rules and Official Mod Posts(TM) can be found here.

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    When you join, feel free to fill out this short introduction survey and post it to the community.

    Name and/or LJ userID:
    Wedding Date:
    Bride/Groom/Other (please specify):
    City/State/Country you live in:
    City/State/Country you're getting married in (if different):
    Your song/First Dance song:
    Wedding Colors:
    Theme (if you have one):
    Number of guests:
    How'd you meet your fiance?:
    How long have you been together?:
    Do you have a personal wedding website?:
    Have you read the community rules before posting this survey and do you agree to follow them?
    Anything else you'd like to tell us?:

    If you're getting married for the second time, feel free to check out secondweddings for help and advice on planning a second wedding!

    A list of all WeddingPlans tags and tagged entries can be found here.

    Creator: webbitch Wedding date: January 19, 2002.

    Current Maintainers:


    Please contact the current maintainers if you have any suggestions or problems.
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